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RE: CUB: Ditching the Simplistic Tokenomics

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Thank you for these charts you are a true defi expert!

If I understand you correctly HIVE model is very much like Goose. Is that correct?


Thank you. HIVE's tokenomics model is quite different. CUB, as it stands, is a DeFi project that's in a transitional period and it's current model has yet to have an element of utility. HIVE, on the other hand, is an entire ecosystem full of life and use-cases. The HIVE token is used to build entire tribes so there's always demand present at every corner of the ecosystem.

As well, HIVE, unlike CUB, is not minted at a continuous rate but rather on-demand upon curating a post.

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Agreed. But there is no burn in Hive, not even fees. Though the powerup is observing supply