If You Don't Have Money To Invest

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Now is the age of progress and this is not the time for us to always complain about poverty. This is the time for us to look for opportunities and use them as possible.

Several years ago, I thought that maybe I would have trouble saving money, maybe I wouldn't be able to invest at all. But then life prompted me to get to know blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The funny thing is that at that time I had no idea what Bitcoin was. I know Steem better than Bitcoin. LOL.

So here I will share my experience on how we can take advantage of technological advances to make money online and invest with it.

Switch to Blockchain


Instead of still not being able to get away from dependence on non-blockchain-based platforms, you should start studying various blockchain-based platforms.

Some of my friends were quick to give up when I told them how several blockchain-based platforms work. It's too bad they missed the opportunity.

It takes time to learn new things in our life. But when we get to know these things, it will be easier for us to enter the deeper world, especially blockchain and cryptocurrency.

My friends are more comfortable doing direct monetization with fiat money. They don't want to mess with an exchange what to do if they use a blockchain-based platform and get paid with crypto. Whereas, as we begin to understand blockchain and crypto, we will be several steps ahead of the average person in finance and investment.

From Rewards to Investments


The exciting thing I feel when I become a content creator on the blockchain, I can exchange my rewards into my favorite altcoins and HODL as my investment asset.

It would of course be different if I only blogged on a platform non-blockchain-based.

So you could say if we don't have the money to invest, then creating content on a blockchain-based platform is the best solution, in my opinion.

It's not just about blogging. You can do vlogging, via the 3Speak platform, or Dtube, or through the LBRY platform. You can also sell your art at fantastic prices on blockchain-based marketplaces like Rarible.com, Markersplace.com, nftshowroom.com, and others.

So, the next time you ask yourself how to start investing but you don't have money, try asking yourself whether your gadget contains useful applications, or is it just consuming your time without earning money?

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I advise anyone who wants to get into crypto to start with hive. It's a more pleasant experience than putting money in coins and projects you know nothing. By the virtue of exchanging ideas you generate income which can be investment in different projects.

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Yeeeep, now is easier era to make money, and we can start with HIVE :)

You're one of my favourite content creators on the chain. What can I say, I think blockchain came at the nick in one's life and because of it we can now earn, reinvest and also expect returns. We wouldn't have wanted it any differently

That is why it is very unfortunate that there are still many young people who are still delaying recognizing blockchain and crypto. It was like missing a big opportunity

Right, I accept your idea.
I am also earning by doing as you say and then, I re-invest as I can.

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Keep creating content :)

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

❤️❤️❤️ thanks for reading

In addition to the listed opportunities mentioned; creating passive monthly income streams is a cool tool to gaining both wealth and more knowledge of the market/blockchain.

I use https://game.earnbet.io to stake and play casino bet with spare funds, try not to overdo things.


PS: New players gets $50 BTC signup bonus for free!

Honestly speaking I didn't have any money for investment, after joining blockchain I have learned about investment, started saving, and started doing invest in different cryptos. I love to build my crypto portfolio and want to stay with it for the long run...

I feel you, sister. Blockchain is indeed life changer ❤️

Hey @anggreklestari, here is a little bit of BEER from @globetrottergcc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

From Rewards to Investments

I like this very much! Right on spot! A lot of people complain about investing fiat money into crypto, but here on Hive they can invest their time, knowledge, experience, and earn that "investment ticket"!

After a couple of payments, you can have something to start, to invest further and possibilities are almost infinite... From curation, delegation, gaming, etc...

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Hive is the best platform to start with it 😊

When I first entered the blockchain world, I had no clue about any of it. I knew I just wanted to create content (on Steem, where I started) & make a difference in the world. Getting paid for it in crypto was the icing on the cake.

I had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. I am still depend on fiat & non blockchain things (as most of us are), but learning about blockchain, being able to earn different crypto & growing in this amazing Hive community has been the best decision I ever made...

It is unfortunate a lot of people are still resistant to learning crypto because it is already the present & is definitely the future. Here, we have a voice on these blockchain platforms & have more control over our money...it's worth it to be patient & learn. So glad I did...

Awesome blog! I agree with what you said & hope others learn from it as well :) 💚