Curation on Leo Finance: Twitter Outreach

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Curation is one of the most important factors that will play a big role on Leo's long term goal of reaching 5,000 Monthly Users by the end of 2023.

Curation on Leo Finance is done through six different methods.

Let's talk about the Outreach method.

Sharing your LeoFinance posts on Twitter

If everyone shares their posts on Twitter, we will slowlyincrease the presence of LeoFinance on this massive platform and eventually, people will get curious enough to come check our platform out. With the recently added feature of creating a Leo account with an existing Twitter account, we plan to onboard all of these users in a seamless, smooth way.

But in order to catch all of these potential users' eye, we need to do this outreach correctly:

Publish your post on LeoFinance, then compose a 3-tweet Thread on Twitter talking about your post:

  • First Tweet: Talk about your post. No links here. Add the image thumbnail of your article. Use only two hashtags relevant to your content (not #hive or #leofinance). Use 1/🧵 or "Here's a Thread about XXX (Topic).
  • Second Tweet: Text Only. Add another image from your post. No Links in here.
  • Third Tweet: Close the sale. Use the hashtags #leofinance, #hive. Add the link to your Leo post.

If you do this, you will increase your chances of getting curated by Leo Finance. It's simple and it will help LeoFinance reach more users!

Writing a good Twitter Thread

First Tweet - You must hook the reader

  • Start with an intriguing and concise introduction. Captivate them, make them curious about your content.
  • The first phrase has to highlight the main topic or a thought-provoking statement related to your article.
  • Use strong, attention-grabbing words or phrases that evoke curiosity, such as "Discover the secret to," "Unveiling the untold truth of," or "Prepare to be amazed by."

Second Tweet - A compelling teaser or valuable information

  • Expand on the introduction by providing a brief summary or teaser of what the expect from your article.
  • Highlight the key points, interesting facts, or unique insights from your article.
  • Make the reader want to open you like by promising additional valuable information or actionable tips that readers can gain by clicking the link in the next tweet.

Third Tweet - Close the sale, make them click your link

  • Include a strong call-to-action that encourages readers to click the link.
  • Emphasize the benefits readers will gain by accessing the full article, such as "Learn how to," "Discover the secrets behind," or "Find out why."
  • Make the CTA stand out by using attention-grabbing phrases like "Don't miss out," "Click here to uncover," or "Read more to become an expert."

Here's a good example of a Twitter Thread

Twitter example.png

Here's a link to the Twitter Thread if you want to check it out (check the interactions, this method works!).


  • Keep it concise: Keep your tweets short and to the point. As long as you cover the points above, you don't have to use all the 280 characters Twitter gives you - But you must cover the points above.
  • The hashtags from the first Tweet will make your Tweet succeed or fail. Choose them correctly and use only TWO hashtags.
  • Respond to replies on your Tweets, the algorithm loves an engaged creator.

Together we can take over Twitter

But we must do it right.

Share your Leo Links on Twitter the right way, and get curated!

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That's indeed way to go with Leofinance reaching Masses. Really I saw tweeting our Leofinance post as one of the best way to invite people to our Leofinance platform. All that you said is true, making good constructive posts that would attract attention of people what this great Community is. Lately I find it very difficult to link my posts through Tweeter. It doesn't reflect as I've tweeted and this is actually my challenge. I hope you can help me out with this.

Such a brilliant strategy! By consistently sharing #LeoFinance posts on Twitter, we can incrementally expand our presence and spark curiosity among potential users. Plus, the new feature enabling account creation via Twitter ensures a frictionless onboarding experience. It's a win-win. Kudos to this innovative thinking!

Nice tips. This is how I roll too. But I’m still god to add one or two things to get more views.

Thank you for this. Will try it out soon. Was just typing a thread for Twitter.

does the @leogrowth staked curation work now?

Did you create these images with AI?

I just bookmarked this post to make perfect threads on twitter to promote our Leo Finance Community.

Also made a threads on twitter about leo finance.

De verdad es muy importante el saber cómo se realiza la curación en leofinanzas, interesante contenido.

Very interesting all the advice you give to make a good thread. We should all take into account all this that you explain,
because the attention that people pay to our threads is undoubtedly something very important to take into account. Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation of all of this.

This example you gave is wonderful and it is the best way to share, I will change to this formula

I attempted to do this for the first time.

Can you tell me how to do the second/third tweet?
Is it a REPLY to my own FIRST tweet?
Or is it the embed a tweet? I don't understand what I need to do.

So for now I use two replies using the same framework as suggested.

Here is my tweet on options trading for this week:

I really do not understand well, I have made several posts following these instructions and only one has voted for me, I do not know if I am doing something wrong. I would appreciate it if you review it and see something wrong, let me know so I don't do it again.

The outreach is one part of the equation, the other one is the post topic and quality. Keep creating amazing content and sharing it in social media and I'm sure one of our curators will see it! :D

They already explained to me that it was because the title of the post I made was in Spanish, just as I gave priority to Spanish over English in the post.