Hive Marketing Campaign | December Reward Pool distribution

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Hello Hivers!

The December Marketing campaign has been amazing in terms of engagement and participation from the community.

For that, thank you! You are really doing your part in helping us Hive get more recognition across the Crypto Space.

Many X Spaces quests have a 50 HBD giveaway pool

So just by joining these spaces, even if you don't finish the campaign, you can still win!

We promised to publish this prize distribution on the 5th, but we wanted to see how much the community has been participating on the quests to be able to make a decision on how to distribute the huge reward pool.

For those who don't know, the reward pool for this December marketing campaign is made of:

🏆 Reward Pool:

  • 5,000 HBD Pool.
  • 100k Hive Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k Leo Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k SPS tokens.
  • 30 InLeo Premium for a month.
  • 1k POSH tokens.
  • 10k WOO bucks.

🚀 Distribution:

PlacePrize (each)
Top 3180 HBD + 3k SPS + 5k HP
4-10150 HBD + 2k SPS + 5k HP
11-20100 HBD + 2k SPS + 3k HP
21-3075 HBD + 1k SPS + 2k HP
31-5050 HBD + 1k SPS + 2.5K LP
51-7025 HBD + 500 SPS + 1k LP
70-10015 HBD + 500 SPS + 1k LP
Top 10030 random winners InLeo Premium
Top 10010 random winners of 100 $POSH
Top 10010 random winners of 1000 WOO Bucks

🚚 Reward date:

The rewards distribution will take place on December 23rd before midnight UTC.

All the missions to stack XP are still available, so if you join today, you can still win first place!

Reblog, comment, share on X... Help us reach more people!

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Wow wow wow, can't wait to participate, this campaign will be so hot 🍦🍦🍦a big hug to you all and congratulations on advance

woah!! Christmas is going to be beautiful...can't wait to part take in this @hamez check this out.

Normally! 😂


I’m so happy about this
Everyone is winning

Rewards for everyone 🤩

The marketing campaign is hot 🔥

This is a very fair distribution, good luck to everyone.

Congratulations to everyone in advance.

At last we see it. Great to see that anybody can still be top even if they join today!

How fluffing cool is that?

this is beautiful ❤️ everyone is winning. I'm so glad to see this.

The #1 marketing is green candles, gets eyeballs on us… consistent green candles to like $6 will wake everyone up and push people to show off their gains on X etc

That's great!!

This is incredible, this is definitely the biggest prize distribution ever on hive ecosystem.

It's not too late for anyone to jump on the contest...we keep promoting hive always.

Wow !!! I am loving this distribution. Congratulations to everyone in advance.

Wow so everyone is wining let's keep working hard

Excellent how the funds will be distributed. We continue with the campaign. Hive is the best.

Very fair distribution. Thanks for the update😀

Finally! I’m glad to know that everyone is winning. It’s very encouraging.

Great one there, I wish you all a good luck guys,

This is awesome everyone is a winning💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Let's keep working hard.

@anomadsoul WEN my VSC Space prize?

It is qui6 amazing! Everyone is expected to win a price, am excited

Wooo, thank you the INLEO TEAM, you guys are really prepared to show us
"A merciful father figure", this Christmas,

you have determined that every one of us are dancing and rejoicing this Christmas season, God bless you all is my prayers for you all, thank you for your good and caring heart of love and oneness to all of us, Amen.

i need to get to this

It's a win-win situation for everyone. So people who haven't joined yet or think it's too late to join should start participating, have some good wins from the prizes, and also learn new things about Web3 and crypto.

It's my first time participating in Zealy and I am doing it for learning not any prizes, but looking at the so many prizes, I'll still get something in the prize also.

Good luck to all the lions and lionesses.


This is so wonderful, everyone is a winner on Zealy🥰🥰

Hey bud, u know what’s up with LeoDex? Been offline for over a week?


This is quite fair. Congrats to the participants in advance. 👏

So Cool, it is definitely one of the most important campaigns ever!

Okay. I'm going to X

wow the prize pool is massive. It's really impressive how we can earn this way.

wow this is Amazing. Rewards for Everyone.
The campaign is getting hotter.
Christmas is going to be beautiful.

wow. This is amazing... I've been slackingz but now I got my eyes on the prize

A profitable initiative for all #Hive and #InLeo users. Thank you, @anomadsoul.leo.

essa campanha é top demais.

oh I totally missed this, I have to check it out to see if I can do something on my end ..

You can definitely still participate in this campaign, and you can definitely still win mate, there are no expiring quests this time

Ok will check it this week, thanks!

Oh my goodness 😲?!!! The December go Stew

That really interesting updates, let's see how it goes, i pray i get one for myself

Hoping everyone gets the rewards they deserve!

We are all going to smile, the idea of this campaign is better for us of all.