How are you growing Hive?

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I'm sorry.

Posting on Hive every single day, engaging with those posts you like, replying to every comment you get, and being active on discord is not growing the Hive user base. It doesn't matter how you want to frame this, if you are only using Hive, you are not helping Hive grow.

Yeah, it helps keep the Social Media side of our blockchain active, and we definitely need an active ecosystem if we want to retain users, so don't get me wrong, the activities above are helping Hive.

But they are not growing Hive

I'm sorry, but as a stagnant social media dapp ecosystem, we need more users.

Yes, we are a stagnant ecosystem, and we're probably a shrinking ecosystem if I deep dive into the activity metrics we've had in 2023.

The future is not looking bright, frens.

Our coin is getting blasted from every corner, and it doesn't seem like this trend will change unless we do something about it.

We need more users

And those users will not come organically during the bull run despite what some dinosaur-thinking users might think. Long gone are the days where a price pump would bring in thousands of new users and lure back hundreds of existing yet inactive ones.

The space is changed
I feel it in web2
I smell it in the trends
Much that worked to Hive's favor is lost
For none that promoted now care to make us relevant

Kudos if you get the reference

The space is different

Long are gone the days where we were the only tokenized social media platform that rewarded users for UGC.

We are no longer the only Blockchain in Town that has decentralized social media as one of their main narrative.

We even lost the #socialfi trend and the dapps that were first to promote to market - who cares about first to market if you don't promote that? - and are now dead, singlehandedly managed to kill the DeSo and SocialFi perception, to a point where I can now reach out to many influencers and the replies I get are:

Look man, I like you, but socialFi is dead, I wouldn't touch that narrative with a 10ft pole

We simply didn't market Hive correctly

If at all.

Our mistake was thinking that being the best in the space at decentralized social media would be enough.

Turns out it isn't, and it will never be.

We need to put out the Hive Hive dapps word out there, and we need to become a voice in these web2 spaces where people are constantly looking for options.

How can we expect Hive to grow if we are not doing anything to actually grow the user base?

So do your part

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Good points!

May I add some of my observations:

  • There are constant issues with dapps crashing/not loading, etc. These can be a real turn off for new users. I don't know if they are nodes issues or what but they need to be fixed. "just change nodes" is a phrase a new user definitely don't want to hear.

  • When a user seeks for assistance and has questions, it's sometimes extremely difficult to get a response and those questions are often just met with silence. This applies for many communities.

  • These things are crucial for retention because what's the point of attracting new users if the back door is open?

Now, any dev or project owner reading this, I really hope you take this as a constructive criticism. I really care about Hive. It's like a home to me but silence never solved anything.

Hive needs discussion forums. Most projects here rely on discord for their communications but that is just a very busy chat room and neither makes it so users can make posts to the community and wait for a reply in a centralized way a proper forum does. Hive needs wiki pages and discussion forums so that we can communicate, cooperate, collaborate and learn about all the various projects.

what about the not-easy-as-two-clicks when creating a hive account? do you think that detracts people from joining? all those key, plus the keychain addon. perhaps a more streamline process, if possible, would help in the ease of signing up on Hive?

I had a friend get stuck on some part of signing up and I was going to walk her through it but she already gave up and didn't try again.

We've had to polish the protocol, but for the past week it works perfectly fren, tell them to try again!

Oh this was a while ago. I've checked in with her occasionally to see if she wants help to try again, and she says someday but hasn't asked me yet.
Are you talking about the new Leo signup? I haven't taken anyone to that yet, it didn't exist yet when this person (the last friend who tried and gave up, I had several actually join and then quit prior to that) tried to join.

yeah - same.

We've had to polish the protocol, but for the past week it works perfectly fren, tell them to try again!

InLeo already has this feature, two clicks and you have a Hive account, check the process

InLeo might be quick and easy to sign up, but someone who we recommend hive to, goes to and is instantly confused about the amount of registration choices available - and then they see payments that need to be made on some, and others are free..only someone who know how hive works will go through the process and not quit right there.

idk, this might not be the biggest problem to bring more people to hive, but it's my experience when i saw someone else create my account in front of me, and they just said, "don't worry about how the registration is done, you won't have to deal with this again once you have your account".

i've been creating accounts on several platforms for decades and never have i see such confusing intro page to one as

i know you're talking about InLeo, and it's the first option on, but still, perhaps something could be done about the intro screen - perhaps show only one registration option - free, with the simplest registration process. have others options hidden and much better explained, other than two lines of text.

also this is very confusing, which is part of the two singles lines of informational text near the myriad of registration options:

"[Hive accounts] have to be created by another Hive account and have an associated cost.

Some providers offer accounts for free..."

Is this true for every registration option? That only someone with a Hive account can create the account for someone else? Like, why? And, it seems completely odd and automatically suspicious and will turn people away from trying Hive out on their own.

Each dapp needs to treat their project as a seperate business.
They should be generating revenue, marketing their product and buying hive form the markets to delegate rc as new users come in and create accounts instantly.

If we had ten small dapps doing this right the price of hive would increase, the userbase would increase and the marketing would come naturally as price and activity grows.

For me what we really need are the tools to build these apps without more developers. The ability to create smaller niche sites that a small team can run and grow without writing a line of code.

If i could start a sports site with inleo level specs a team of 5-10 users could have their own business and token adding back value to the whole chain.

A harry potter site.
A man united site.
A meme site.

Whatever your interest is, a chance to build a community around it and generate revenue. Grow these out and those ten sites would equal 100 people marketing the chain from nowhere without the users ever hearing about crypto or hive.

Just come for the fun and earn rewards or ad shares.

I still think gamefying the whole process is the best way to attract more users! Partiko was doing a good job at this then it went splat. But this is not an easy to learn ecosystem. Users need to be taught and have to do a lot of work on order to actually reap some reward. New users can write the best content and not be rewarded at all. So I think the real question is how to make the platform more attractive.

As an experiment, I would love to see what happens, if all witnesses would stop SELLING Hive on the market, at least for a month. What effect would have this on the Hive price?
Witnesses do have a kind of responsibility, so that so many are powering down is not the right sign. Of course they have to pay for the infrastructure, but it is not only this. For many it is an easy income source. That it has a negative effect, some may not care at all.
If at the same time some of the DAO would be used to buy Hive on the market (e.g. to burn it), we could sort of create our own pump!
If the price would go up within that month (it could be since liquidity is low), this could be a positive signal, and Hive could gain more visibility and interest from outside.

Wow, this message really got me, man every words said in there is the truth and nothing else, we really need to market and promote the Hive platform to many users as we can. I love the idea of the Zealy campaign being one of the ways in promoting the Hive blockchain but to me, it's not just the only way out, a lot are participating because of the prize and after that we don't see them again, so we need to find a solution to that where it continues other than that, we will only be having a part time Hive promotion and it goes dead after a while which won't help in solving our problem.

I have been on the move of creating a Hive Promotion community where it would be running daily and weekly contest for users to engage and promote Hive blockchain on web2 platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the likes. It seems the Zealy is more focused on X (Twitter), but all things being equal, that is cool, too. If you see my idea of coming up with that community a good one, we can collaborate if you don't mind?

Thanks for that amazing and mind-boggling message passed.

The terms 'Cryptocurrency', 'Blockchain', and 'Web3' have been overused and leave a sour impression when brought up, this makes it somewhat difficult when informing others because of the preconceived notion. It's also about the type of participants required for Hive to grow. It just can't be an influx of people posting whatever everyday trying to 'earn' more value, the creations should have depth and quality beyond trying to catch as many 'upvotes' as possible to ensure the communities have content worth curating.

It's not wrong to want more participants on a great platform that would benefit everybody. I just think gathering/recruiting new participants that actually care 'beyond' the value aspect would help Hive go further.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It is important to always be looking to not just survive but to grow.

I fully agree that we need more users, but we also need to keep the existing ones engaged. It takes work, but we all gain from that growth. I think we need some coordinated efforts next year to promote Hive and bring in more people.

I wonder if more users are really needed? Or if the users that are there should be better rewarded, because a big part of the distribution of the cake is always taken by the same ones while the small users are hardly voted, nor taken into account.

I think we definitely need more users, and just one example of why I think so is: look at the content on any of our front ends. Go compare trending videos on 3Speak, vs. YouTube. Not only in view counts, but also in topics.
On YouTube, you've got every niche represented. Here it's like 75% crypto talk (which, yeah, you'd expect a lot of crypto talk but that's really dominant), a fair chunk of musicians making videos, and ...miscellaneous for everything else.
We're just not going to see a big shift until "normies" are coming to read a blog they like or watch a video creator they like, yanno?

I rarely get upvoted enough on 3Speak to incentivise my continued uploading of content there. I am better off just making a normal post on Hive.
Most of the engagement I get is from Ecency waves.

We do need more users here, but there also needs to be more vloggers and just every day people being rewarded for being community minded.

We need more users. New users bring new ideas, activity, and networks. Dapps see this activity and build on Hive. Traffic grows and we become mainstream.

Mainstream brings investor's eyes, brings in capital from the outside.

See the price of $HIVE?

It will never change if we continue with this user base and the engraved dynamics they have.

Most projects here are using Discord and so very many Hive members are not using Hive to communicate. We need better discussion forums here so that we can properly communicate and build the community.

> Our mistake was thinking that being the best in the space at decentralized social media would be enough.

That's soo true, many assume this, but in reality, the best sometimes doesn't win. It's the most advertised, the most trending that appeals to the Gen Z that win.

this is why we are building our new hive layer 1 nfts marketplace but building our games for web2 gamers. and pushing the Universal Items are a real thing in "real" game not just web sites saying they are games.
We have to bring in new people and kick out the dinosaurs.

Y te parece poco el cachimbo de dinero gastado en publicidad en viajes a foros, un carro en carreras y todos esos fondos que la dao está gastando que arrojan presión al precio.
Pero bueno, creo que se ha vuelto un lugar para ordeñar y modus vivendi de unos que otros por allá abajo.

Jajajaja bueno, tienes muchísima razón en todo lo que dices. Aunque algunos (de por allá abajo o de por allá arriba) incluso podrían intentar alegar a su favor que: "Los Tiempos Cambian"

I agree with the post about Hive's current state. The market conditions are tough, and it's important that we have honest conversations about the future of the platform.

Not sure how I can help, but voting and reblogging this for visibility.

We always have engagement campaigns running mostly on X, Facebook. But we don't take in a count other platforms like Instagram, maybe telegram groups or maybe local social media just as example I think if people host such social mediamedia Hive promotion campaigns/contests/events they should take in a count all social media to engage more people. And even Zelay and Posh should also be represented more widely than they are now.

This sounds so depressing! If true, do you think we can turn it around? I'm hoping HBD and individual projects built using the infrastructure will boost things up.

This is a wake up call to many of us to rally round and make Hive grow by busting in those web2 spaces and letting them know about this platform and what we offer differently.

say it louder, ser!

I'm buying and staking Hive that's how 😂

yeah looks pretty bleak atm. There hasn't been a big pump in almost a year which suggests to me that whales might have lost interest in Hive.. We have so much, but nobody knows about us. Twitter engagement seems to really work well for other projects so I think we should be more active there.

We could also try the marketing root that KAS took, there is an agency that they hired that seemed to make a big difference. If you are interested I can search for the doc

I would definitely like to read more on this.

About the whales. Tell me what whale would be interested in investing in a coin that has a lot of outflows, but no inflows.

If dapps and frontends had a business model that generated value for the coin we would be flying, but there's no need or demand for this. As a community we should demand that the dapps have a revenue model that benefits the ecosystem.

I mean I think we only have like two successful dapps (inleo and spl) and spl definitely was one reason Hive made its ATH in the range that it did (thousands of accounts that the team had to buy with Hive). We need a couple more like that and it's definitely going to transfer back into the value of Hive.

For the link I think I should dm you. Discord?

In my opinion, the rewards for beginners should be much larger to encourage them, not discourage them. The larger the account, the more similar the rewards should be to the current ones, so as not to generate a lot of inflation. This is the only way out for today.


Why are farmers always winning awards?
Because they're outstanding in their field.

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i agree wholeheartedly.

I believe that Marketing is the best way one can bring more value to give but there are some challenges I personally face while marketing because to be sincere there is a way things happen in my country Nigeria but we have so many people who might be interested but most times I find it challenging to onboard new users for free, some frontend will be demanding for some amount of money before I can be able to onboard a user and honestly it's very hard sometimes to see someone who will want to pay for such service unless few who really understand what they will gain from hive.

I agree with you that we need more users. Again, I believe some other person, group or companies would be looking to dive into something like Hive for their own centralised profit. The only way to defeat that is by have massive more users.


That's one of the reasons why I've started writing daily on actifit and promoting it on my other social media platforms. I do think #move2earn is still a viable path to onboarding users and actifit is a decent front-end on Hive to complement the content creation with activity rewards. 2 new Hivians already this month!

In my opinion, this is the other side of decentralization.
There is no "boss" dedicated to developing strategies externally. There is no reference point that acts as a "bridge" with the outside, as an official, representative figure.
It's all about individual users promoting this web space, by word of mouth, one by one.
It's all fragmented. You don't need an account on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or even the overcrowded Discord if there isn't a key figure managing what Hive "is" on web 3.
Besides this, again in my opinion, the name "Hive" itself is not decisive, it is not recognizable and it is not unique. On the internet, it is an overly inflated name.
This is a happy little island but according to these reasonings, it remains in my opinion a little island.

These are reasonable points but I still believe that "ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY" gradually we will achieve all our dreams, thank you for sharing.

I believe that we must attack the problem in parts, first solving why users abandon the platform and then continuing with the other problems and scope.

I want to give My contribution to this post as an inexperienced hive newbie;my membership was back in 2021 when I started playing Splinterlands,but I didn't understand anything about it almost didn't know what tokens were and it was very difficult for me to even participate in a chaos legion pack purchase pool.
So for me this platform didn't exist,or at least,I didn't access it I only got a hive account because of splinterlands.
Stumbling block No.1 the registration. A whole afternoon to do the registration in hive.
But because I consider myself a curious person and determined to tackle obstacles I tried to get to the bottom of it and the first discovery that eased my exploration was the account name: one name with a snail in front of it and voila,magically any hive application opens up to you,you no longer need to remember three thousand five hundred passwords you can access from anywhere tribaldex,peakd,peakmonsters,splinterlands,holozing hive engine splex egency etc etc.
I know that has nothing to do with this, however, in my case it has been a strength of Hive.
Here, I would like to say this: to attract users in Hive it should be easier to both sign up and create posts and also search and interaction is a bit quibbling.
We have to think that most young people have only a cell phone and little computer knowledge.
It was difficult for me to understand the use of square and round brackets to insert a link. (Despite having 3 IT courses recognized by the Tuscany region).
Young people need to access from mobile quickly without jostling....
Thanks for the post it is very interesting

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