Some ideas for the Leo Finance UI

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Ok Lions, this is not set in stone and we might not implement a few of these ideas, but some of them are definitely coming to the Leo Interface soon.

What do you think?

Front Page

Notifications Page

Profile Page

What do you think?

Please drop in the comment section your feedback about these ideas!

If you have more ideas on how to improve the User Experience on Leo Finance, drop them in a comment!

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Good to read from you again Eric.
The notification page is cool as it helps one reply to comments on threads with ease but doesn't look cool with tag notifs from long content posts.
If there's a way only threads notifs can appear on the page, that would be great
If not, I would prefer the former way it was.

I liked the Twitter share button, and the one about reacting with an emoji 👍! Also on the notifications page the one about the leaderboard.... I think I liked them all, I hope you can implement most of them, very good ideas. It's getting better and better.

I really want read button in the notifications section. Reaction feature on thread is also amazing to express quick react to Frens thread. Is there any specific thread prompt used by users on Leo ?

It keeps getting better and better. We need a mobile app asap to break the internet!

The site should be mobile friendly already there's really no reason for apps anymore.

Being an app makes everything more simple, people love how easy is to open an app. You can consider it a marketing move.

I agree

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These are some nice ideas consolidated here and with this Leo Ui is going to be even better.

The suggested ideas are good and I like the new addition of News on the home page. It's great that at leo we are proving a lot of stuff to users including posts and news too.

All looks good and pretty cool only feedback would be the following.

Front Page

  • Remove tip author idk why everyone adds this in no one tips
  • gamified I'm not to happy with the name not really sure what would go in here
  • Prompt of the day should not disapear after using it. I would think we would want it as a focal point of discussion and talks for that day or at least to help bring up engagment.

Noti Page

  • I like the filter order All, Threads Articles it only makes sense if you're going to be an everything app you need som seriously good noti system otherwise it's going to be a cluster F

  • The score system I'm guessing it just encouraging people to make more and more threads. That's going to invite a lot of spam again. If this becomes a thing I want a mute button for some people lol

love these changes. I thought we were cool, this will make us much coooolerrrrr

make sure all these new features are mobile UI friendly so that mobile users are not left behind. There is a lot of information on this profile page and hope the page load time is smooth.

Hmmm it seems, but i think it should also be made mobile friendly. And the web version should not be jampact, users should be able to freely navigate around

While changes are good, we need to pay attention not to overwhelm the users with many options. Keep it simple sometimes work better than adding more options and get less usage on those that really matter. And not last, we need to cover the lost functionalities from the old UI and make Leo Finance fully usable and a good UI contender also for long form posting.

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