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RE: Everyone needs to know JavaScript

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I like the idea of gaming code learning, I'd want to help in the beta of that, but as for crypto solving money's problems, idk.

Better, imo, if we simply continue to do the work to fill the shelves while refusing wages and taking delivery of what we need from the distribution folks.

As long as the number of folks entering the workforce equals the ones leaving we wouldn't even notice the difference outside the absence of poverty and war, what with all the new found leisure, and all.

Money's problem is that the havenots always have to serve the haves.
The millionaires pay the thousandaires to clean the billionaires toilets.
Better, imo, to expect a minimum term of service to the whole than to try to account for things in money.
You get anything you want for free.
You work less than now.
Human trafficking takes on a whole new dimension when you can't get cash for doing it.

Keep working, stop paying solves a myriad of today's societal ills.