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RE: O-M-G... a whale upvoted... Me!

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Those 100htu payouts come with 100 minnows that don't get their dollar, or more accurately, 1000 redfish that don't get a dime.
The minnows get their dollar reduced and the redfish get bupkiss.
I'll be glad when our whales look at the rewards pool as inconsequential to their roi.
If project x does what splinterlands did, even the orcas will have to lighten up, if they want to feed the redfish rather than run them off.


Project X? Do tell.

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You'd have to ask the soon™ fella, he'd probably call it project blank, but it seems to be the next up that I am aware of.

So I should accumulate more CUB-BUSD LP in that case.


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Can't ride the rocket ship without a ticket.

this account is flagged due to his stupid personal downvote-crusade only against accounts on his personal blacklist, which are publishing in german language. Best regrads.

Dissenters gotta dissent.

Sorry now i think i got your meaning,best regards.

If we could all just get along, it would be a different world.

Thats true, but maybe not a typical characteristic of the so called "homo sapiens". Best regards.


"terviseks"!:)) thats means "prosit" in estonian:)). Best regards.

First comment was due to my bad english. Best regards.

Greedy folks gotta greed.
Flaggots are gonna flag.
It's the way of the world, I guess.