Crypto, just a hobby or a way to live

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Couple of years ago, most of the people didn’t have a clue about crypto or just heard few things about it. Everyone didn’t think the potential and impact it would have to the economy, that how common people, together, would compete with centralized banks which often drown us into unpayable debts and have deals with the government. We wouldn’t imagine they would be afraid of being defeated by digital currency owned and managed by the citizens.

So many events happened between the last years and now, people are getting stronger, comfortable, stable, and financially free or at least more relieved with their financial situation. the events we are witnessing right now are changing lives, a great example is what's happening in El Salvador, other countries like Venezuela are taking a mass adaptation of cryptocurrencies and NFT’s games, Politicians besides they could denied it, surely, they have big amounts of money in some BTC or ETH wallet, I’m pretty sure about that.

Why Centralized Banks Should Be Afraid?

As we know, in cryptocurrency we have stable coins that peg to $1 dollar value. It’s not a secret that all the banks make us pays a lot of fees and interest by using our credit/debit cards, but with crypto, it turns things around.

  • With Stable coins, where you have variety of projects to choose, the commissions you must pay for transaction are practically nothing compared to the banks.
  • You can send money whenever your want and it reach the recipient instantly, without waiting for business days or work ours.
  • You own your money, and you can use the amount you want without restrictions.
  • Can send money around the world!
    Always sending money to a familiar was a big problem because of the different native currencies, but soon that will be end.

Why Still Isn’t Adopted by Everyone in the World?

Principal reasons in my opinion are that 1. Most of the people in developed countries received their salary on their native currency, so they don’t think about using DeFi until fees and debts start to annoy them. and 2. People still seem Decentralized Exchanges too complicated for them, even if they need it.

Stable coins have a big value in making people to adopt crypto.

From a Hobby to a Way to Live

Since the pandemic is chilling out, now we could see that many who adopted crypto is now living from it. Recently the centralized app twitter now allows people to give tips by synchronizing your lightning wallet, of course it was something we already do in Hive, but BTC is too mainstream and that’s why it takes the credits. At the end, its something good that happened because people will be more interested in, like most of them are with the NFT’s.

The intelligent people are the ones that are holding and believing on their projects, in long-term, like in 4 or 5 years, the crypto adoption is going to be massive and the prices of most of the coins would be unreachable, but hopefully, our holding would make us rich.

Tonio out

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