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Hello leofinance. I am a new member and I learned about the page from @lsteliosfan. I have been involved with the Stock Exchange and have worked in a stock exchange. I generally work in sales. I had also opened a real estate agency but after the financial crisis and mainly in the real estate sector I was forced to stop it. The real estate market was quite profitable and also very interesting because you learned and knew about real estate from objective to construction costs. . In general, I like to deal with everything related to the economy, buying and selling. I want to strengthen my account and join LeoFinanse. Thanks to @trumpman for making me a member of LeoFinanse.

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Welcome to LeoFinance! Happy to have you here and also glad to see @steliosfan and @trumpman got you on board :)

Looking forward to your posts!

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Thank you my friend!!

Sounds like this is the perfect tribe for you than! Welcome!

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Thank you trumpman2!!!

Καλως ήλθες!