My HIVE investment goals - CONCERNS

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A lot has happened since last week, and it's not cool.


It's quite concerning that 12 days after I raised concerns about the security of WLEO and Hive-Engine the whole thing went up in flames. Also the lack of consequences are super alarming to me. The days of centralized "by-products" are over, and as such every HIVE project must find a way to decentralize their token. There is no other way in my opinion.

Finished Goals

☑️ LEOMM: 10 / 10
☑️ LEO: 1000 / 1000
☑️ MPATH: 2000.06 / 2000
☑️ HP: 20.047.85 / 20000

Open Goals

◻️ LEO: 1011.598 / 10000
◻️ BRO: 86.82 / 1000
◻️ DHEDGE: 82.93 / 10000

Let's hope this will not end up as a total loss one day.

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So why is one of your goals having more LEO tokens?

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Because it's still the best investment on hive imo :)

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Fair enough!
What about BRO?