Brave Web Browser - Surfing and paid in BAT

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Recently I get to know a web browser called Brave that parked with Crypto and with huge benefit of blocking all the advertisements and tracking app.

  1. Data- Privacy

As we all know, apps nowaday track all their users activity on their apps or service. Eg. Facebook know exactly what topic you interested or who you interact the most. Then combining all your activities and become a big data in their server, then they come out with some products that high tendency draw your attention and make the deal.

In digital era, your data is new gold.


  1. Browser Loading Speed

Even you don't mind your data being gathered by these service providers, but with all the trackers implanted behind the scene, it will definitely slow down your browser loading speed! And this translate to you have to pay the data to watch the advertisement !

For a week of using Brave, it has blocked few thousand adv and trackers for me. And save up my loading speed of 4 minutes, though I am on WIFI with higher speed, Brave saves 4 minutes page loading. Imagine under my mobile data, I would have to "pay" to let all these advertisements appear on top/bottom/side of the banner, because all are embedded into a webpage or search engine!

  1. Getting Crypto to get alerted by Adv

You get BAT coin (worth USD0.24 as of now) when you get notified with advertisements. You can choose not to view but will still enjoy the payout of BAT. (not many, but accumulate slowly could make a big sum-a friend of mine shared he earned USD2 per month with current $0.24 BAT). How about BAT appreciate more (BAT is top 31 crypto)?

I think all this long, Chrome, Firefox and Facebook never paid me a cent after forcing me to watch their advertisements.

If you are content creator eg Youtuber, setting up brave account enables your audience to tip you BAT if they find your content useful!


If above points do impress you, you can download it via below link to get rid of all the implanted adv and trackers!

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Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

I've earned about $6 of Brave Attention Tokens i.e. BAT in one month setting my ads to allow max per day. If you haven't already you should make sure your ad settings are set to the daily limit to maximize earnings!

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Yup. I set to the max , 5 adv per hour. Maybe it depends the country you reside also, some get more adv ,but not the others.