is the fastest Hive frontend I've used so far!

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I don't think I've ever reviewed the speed on Hive frontends but I'm literally forced to do this one.

Exactly 21 days ago, I got an upvote from @pishio the creator of and as I usually do when I see new names show up in my notifications, I visited his page and discovered he/she was working on something on Hive, a frontend which I don't quite know what the business plan is but so far, I know it pulls all contents from Hive blockchain so it's similar to peakd and Ecency, but I've never written a review or given a shout out to peakd or Ecency so why

My most used frontend on Hive is, this is due to the transactional part of my existence on Hive but asides that, it is which is where 99.9% of my content is. I've watched undergo several developments to improve their frontend and DApps just as I've watched Peakd go from one development to another, I think this is a good time to just say hey @peakd, your app is great but the upgrade made it a little harder to navigate, I find it difficult to find certain pages like communities, search and all. Also, it would be cool if the analytics on post page views were available on mobile not only desktop, and having all our historical numbers still there would be great to be able to track our progress overtime.

That said, is quite different, and I'm saying this in terms of speed which is the most important thing in Web development, you basically don't want to have a slow app that hurts user experience, that causes low engagement. is super fast and I'm not exaggerating, it's like using Facebook, like all the pages were preloaded or something. It's so far one of the fastest websites and hive frontend I've ever visited.

Some Drawbacks Observed

The fonts on are extremely small on Desktop, and on mobile, the header or bold tags are too large. Also, links encoded in "[ link ] ( )" on other frontends are just displayed as naked links on which can make posts feel spammy.

Now I understand that the frontend is still in the Alpha stage but I feel it would be OK to point out a couple of things I'd consider needs changing.

There aren't any communities but you can follow community contents that use tags like "LeoFinance" so should take you to recent posts published on but in most cases, you have to manually input that on the browser URL section and for communities that don't enforce such tags as Leo previously didn't, there's currently no way to read contents specifically posted to such communities alone(like a bdcommunity only feed).

Another thing I noticed which all hive frontends also suffer is spammy comments feed. When a post has a high engagement, the feed becomes spammy as the words begin to lose space as by default, a comment is pulled to the right under the parent comment and that leads to it becoming a straight line of letters and numbers is the conversations extends. Comments instead should aligned with the parent to avoid it and instead use a "collapse" function to bury long chains of replies under a "click to see more repliees" typa wall.

Back to delog, there is currently no option to create posts via the frontend and no wallet. I believe the only option to log in currently is Hive Auth, although you could use Hive keychain to log in if you're on mobile given that keychain can be connected to Hive Auth, I'm yet to exactly understand how all these signers work but that's the basics as I know it.

Overall, I love how fast is, hopefully some developments to make it better gets pushed through. I believe this is the first frontend that displays all contents on Hive and also has a token "pish" I believe. Will be cool to see what it has in store for Hive, the speed is just powerful, I suspect it has something to do with the host which I believe is Vercel, maybe.

Thank you and please leave a comment, your thoughts matter to me

This is an opinion content, not a promotion or recommendation of any kind.

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Amazing. I am addicted to Peakd. All the things I need are there and I can navigate confidently on my cell phone.

Now, I think I have to visit and see if I'll fall in love with it as I do with peakd.

But I am worried about the scattering links that you mentioned. I hope the developers would work on it and also touch the comment section.

Maybe, in the future they will add other Hive related features.

Thanks for sharing.

It's in the Alpha stage so definitely, should expect more features.

Let me check that real quick, wow... it's insane how fast it is!

When I see that page, I'd love to use it with something like a Kindle. Would be super lit to read with a light handheld 6-8" that is friendly to your eyes. Wow, it's so fast.

All said and looked good, but when I've tried it seems that they are having some issues. They need probably to work on signaling when having troubles with the site and make it more user-friendly.

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Works fine here, this reply is made through it, I wonder tho, at what point did you get this error?

I got it before writing the comment as after reading the post I wanted to try it out. But now I see it is resolved and working as well for me. Keep it simple is the name of the game and that translated into the clean UI!

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Yeah, exactly!

Nice find! Fast indeed. Hopefully as they go on they won't get too heavy on the beautification and slow it down overly.

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