Everybody is going to regret underestimating AI

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I have seen quite a number of contents fall out on AI lately, some calling AI content trash, I'll just assume these people are delusional to not realize that whatever these tools dish out is only processed through a pre-accumulated data, which means that AI content = human content, so it is not AI that is your problem, but the fact that another human somewhere is totally fine with their content being given out for free which is something nobody can actually do anything about because this is the internet man.

If you think you can always protect your content from being used by a third party then you're kidding yourself because unless you're sharing a personal story, most content on the Internet are just a copy of another that has been enhanced to not look like the last, so yes, AI is not your problem, you really haven't learnt to grow up and understand that your opinions about this tools really don't or won't matter, at least not for long.

AI detection tools won't age well

Lol, I see people using tools made by the same AI company to detect contents written by AI, well, if it actually does work currently, it won't for long and you know why?

It's only best if it doesn't work because what's the use of having an AI write contents for you if it's only going to stab you in the back? So yes, these systems will develop above detection and will blend so well into the ecosystem that you will not be able to distinguish between AI and yourself.

Don't get me wrong tho, I agree that AI needs more work but I believe that most of us calling it trash are just upset that something of sort is "helping" people fill a gap in their lives, which could be anything really, and now that I've typed that out, I'm beginning to wonder why that should be a problem? Do you realize how grumpy and sad you sound from the texts above?

Let me tell you something, most times, the human expectations are irrational, yes, if you have a problem with the fact that I'm trying to tell you that to attain financial freedom you need to save, invest and spend less just because I'm telling you this in a very straightforward language as opposed to applying the mastering art of words usage to cover a 1,000 words article only to tell you the same thing, lol, yes, that is more valuable innit? Come on now, go jump off a bridge or something and I mean that with a parachute because you aren't really listening to how you sound, school made us write up long bullshits that didn't really matter and reality made us understand that nobody really has the luxury of time to read your long nonsense, so no sir, I won't write a 1,000 words post that your ass won't even read to start with, my audience love something shorter, so let me be - it's weird I sound like I'm actually talking to someone, well shit…

You're underestimating AI and that's sad because these tools don't develop themselves, humans do and they have not explicitly stated or given any terms that stops people from monetizing whatever they attain from the AI so honestly, your judgement is wrong, everyone using this too has the right to the content they derive from it, however, it isn't always entertaining but if you think it lacks value, you're incredibly wrong.

AI is inevitable, Hive with a million and more users will make you all retire from all these toxicity, honestly tho, I mean I once found myself following up these activities in the past and I can say it does not entirely feel great, there are better ways to approach these things than acting like these people are the first thieves on earth when they really had not stolen anything.

Everybody can learn to be better, but certainly not with a person who's not willing to teach them but very much ready to judge them.

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AI has been trained using vast amounts of online content, which is similar to how humans acquire knowledge to create content. For instance, I use AI to assist with coding and have noticed that it can generate code that utilizes non-existent functions from non-existent libraries that appear flawless but do not actually exist. Therefore, in its attempt to be creative, AI can create inaccurate code functions that have never existed before, effectively becoming a bullshit generator. My point is that it is not merely copying someone else's work, but rather using all the information it has been fed to create something new that appears to fit the requirements. I would argue that AI using public content is not that much different from how the same content influences the creation of human content. It will be interesting to see how the laws evolve around what content the AI can use to train its future models with but my guess is ultimately anything that publicly accessible online will be fair play for AI's to consume.

We're not talking about coding, with that, there are bound to be flaws, we are however talking about written contents, it's rather quite easy to paraphrase a prexisting work to create a new one but that doesn't change the fact that it's a product of "human content" which is literally how many content on the Internet are created.

Yes, AI can copy other humans just as humans copy each other. The quality of the content generated by AI largely depends on the prompter. While AI can certainly paraphrase existing works, it can also be creative and produce nearly 100% unique content if the prompts are tailored correctly. However, it's also possible for AI to generate complete bull shit. Same with the code AI produces, much of the code will be exact copies of other examples or slight variations while it can also produce totally new code that never been created before it can also make up non existent commands that will not work and don't exist. For me AI is a tool for both assisting in coding and writing new content and people who write it off as a trash generator are as you said going to regret underestimating AI.

You basically just said the same thing twice and I feel like you're missing the whole point; "AI CONTENT IS A PRODUCT OF HUMAN CONTENT"

While I do agree to some extent, my point is human content is also a product of other humans content. Maybe AI is the extreme and humans have many outside data points to pull from. AI will continue to evolve past the current state where the content produced is derived no differently then that of humans.

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yes there is still a lot to explore in AI , i think only for better

Maybe, fingers crossed.

AI is interesting but at the same time this would affect many things in human aspects for example chatGPT can make homework for students.