A new ATH is inevitable!

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Waking up to a green portfolio is always a pleasant feeling but knowing that a new all-time high for your coin is inevitable is even better. It makes you sleep tight and greatly improves your physical and mental health. That is why I choose to invest only in projects that I believe in. Projects that have real communities and goals in mind. One of them is LeoFinance as you may know already. And I'm not investing money, I invest time!

To be honest, I also have tons of shit-coins because it's hard to avoid them when you spend hours a day online, reading about new projects and trends. Some of these coins have made nice gains and I'm grateful for that but it's only a small percentage of my portfolio. The rest is for the best! And the best is here to stay!

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It's inevitable that Bitcoin will reach new all-time highs.

And when Bitcoin goes up, the whole market is green. Everyone loves it! The projects that keep working hard and deliver keep going up twice as fast. Look at Leo, it has increased by more than 50 times in a little over a year if I'm not mistaken. It is beautiful! And I'm grateful to be here creating content and engaging with others.

The question is, how strong are your hands?

Every time Bitcoin dips and the market is red, there are weak-handed panic sellers that later regret selling their tokens. Do you know who are they selling to? You're right - to those with diamond hands. Either they are Leo, CUB, Bitcoin, or Ethereum long-term holders, they are buying every dip there is because that is how you make generational wealth!

Times are truly changing and blockchain technology is changing the world with it. Every day there are new millionaires made, even here on Leo. Read this article by @empoderat as the perfect example of what it means to have diamond hands. This guy has made it to seven figures and he's cashing out only a small percentage to deal with all worldly fiat things. The rest is held strong!

Mine are stronger than ever!

When I first got into crypto for real (bought BTC and some other coins in November of 2020) and a January dip came, I was a bit scared but I didn't sell. It turned out to be the most rewarding decision I've ever made. I accumulated Leo and other tokens for months and didn't sell any of them. Yes, I could have sold some tops and bought them back later but then I would have to spend all day watching the charts, and, in my opinion, that's only a great way to lose your precious time (I still do it too often).

Just Look at This!

While writing this article, I saw a notification that VISA will now accept cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. It only means crypto is here to stay! I just hope that we won't have to pay a $50 fee when paying for a $2 coffee. I guess layer two and the new EIP proposal will sort it and we are up to experience some exciting times!

source - reuters.com

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week ahead!

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It still is scary to pay $50 for a $2 coffee, lol. But you're definitely right, I believe the right way to roll round crypto is to hold and only sell when you need the money, else that, there's never really a point in selling. Only diamond hands get rewarded

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