Crypto Tools to Maximize Your Earning Potential

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'' A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.'' - Jeff Duntemann

Today we are going to look at some of the tools that the cryptoverse gives us for free. Starting from portfolio trackers to social metric apps, special charts, and other tools to improve your overall knowledge of what and why is happening in the crypto space. Take a sip of your drink and scroll through, maybe there's something that you haven't seen before. Let's dive right in!

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This tool is Bitcoin chart where you can see the latest trades and liquidations from all exchanges. You can also set it to make sounds whenever there's a big trading volume/volatility, and set notifications for specific prices. Overall, a great page to leave open throughout the day.



This one is a crypto metric app where users give their thoughts about various cryptocurrencies and earn LUNR tokens as rewards. But it's not about the amount you can earn, it's about the information you can gather there. Starting from various social metrics of a token to trending coins and influencers for each one of the tokens. There's is also a portfolio that you can create and many other features to check out.



Coinalyze is pretty great when it comes to global futures charts. You can check out various metrics such as volume, liquidations, dominance and others. You can also check out various technical indicators in the technical analysis section.



On Coin Market Calendar you can explore the upcoming events in the cryptospace. If a token has an event at a certain date, there's a big chance it will be written about on CoinMarketCal. You can also add an event if you know something nobody else does or work on a project yourself.


Pretty straightforward page about Bitcoin. Learn, watch charts, get alerts. I suggest you check out the charts because they are really well made, and there's a chance you haven't seen them anywhere else, not interactive at least. You can also share it with someone who asks you about Bitcoin.



Choose a token and compare it with others to see what would be the price of your chosen token if it could reach the market cap of the other token. In this image, I compared HIVE with SHIB, UST, and XRP. As you can see, HIVE has a lot of room for growth. Go ahead and play with it yourself.



Explore top blockchain dapps and maybe you'll stumble upon something that will impress you. Starting from games to DeFi, gambling, and NFTs. Almost all of the dapps across many different blockchains are listed on DappRadar.


Debank tracks both your portfolio and DeFi across multiple chains. As you can see in the image, I decided to check out one of the polycub whales out there. This guy definitely has a conviction in the project! Anyway, debank is pretty great as well.


Ape Board Finance

Another portfolio tracker across almost all the chains out there. This one is completely free, has an NFT gallery, and allows you to create multiple profiles in case you want to track some of the other addresses (whales) out there.


Defi Pulse

As you can already guess, DeFi Pulse is all about decentralized finance. Starting from the total value locked in defi to defi pulse index that measures the trend of all decentralized finance dapps out there. Certainly interesting to observe from time to time.

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Defi Llama

Defi Llama does even more than Defi Pulse. Starting from the total defi overview to oracles, forks, airdrops and more. The airdrop page consists of projects that still haven't got their own token. It's not 100% sure that there will be a token for all of these projects but the list is definitely worth checking out.

defi lama.PNG

This one is a news aggregator that shows us the latest crypto news from various crypto media sites. You can see hot, trending, and latest news and maybe somehow use it to your advantage. I don't use it too often but if you're constantly browsing crypto media sites, you can now see everything in one place.


Fear & Greed Index

The fear and greed index can give you a basic feeling of the market. When everyone's greedy, it's time to scale out and start selling your assets. When everyone's fearful and there's blood in the streets, it's time to go for a black Friday shopping spree. Take note that we can stay super greedy for months, the same goes for being fearful. But it's still useful to keep an eye on.


You have probably never heard about this one before. It's a place where alpha gets shared for free. No, even better, you get paid for reading and upvoting. If you were here a couple of years ago, you probably would have bought RUNE for $0.30 because almost every lion out there was talking about it before anyone else. We were early with RUNE, we found Travala when it was less than $0.50. And we're sharing our findings with anyone who dares to read, that's the beauty of it.

I got you there, didn't I?

Thanks for coming here and I hope you found something useful for yourself. If there's a tool that I need to check out and add to this list, share it in the comment section.

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Very cool @bagofincome . I have been playing in the crypto world for a cpl months now and I am consistanly effin up. I have a few of these jotted down and looked at. Just started here on the HIVE like a moth ago. I dont think ill ever understand it. Screw it tho. I know I like it and Ill figure it out along the way. Again thx brother/sister.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it! I know you'll figure it out, just give it time!

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Thanks for sharing such a wide overview onto these chances we have.

Oh my, so much stuff in one place, so little time to explore them all. Thx, bookmarked.

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Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment!

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