Impressive Brains And How To Get More Out of Hive Ecosystem

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Prove you have a brain and get more out of this game of social interaction, entertainment, and pain. Whatever you do, on the blockchain it will remain, embedded like a diamond in the depths of the Earth where lava reigns.


Disclosure: I didn't have to crack my skull open to get proof of the physical brain I have in my body. As I am just a bag, the only thing I have is my alter-astral brain that I am using when creating content for @bagofincome

It isn't hard to prove you have a brain, isn't it? All you have to do is share your pain, gains, or anything else you have in that gray matter of yours. Let others into your thought process and spark up a conversation that will open new doors...and get you some tokens.

Verifying Some Brains?

I don't often check my hive wallet but when I do, there's usually a surprise waiting for me. This time, I saw some new tokens called VYB, and it turns out, these tokens are complimentary tokens for the @proofofbrainio tribe that has their own front-end here -


As you can see in the images above, I have stacked both POB and VYB tokens in my bag and I am ready to show my brain off in order to earn more. Yep, I didn't buy these tokens, I earned them. If you're asking me how I did it, the answer is simple, whenever I posted an article, I used #proofofbrain tag which made my post appear in the tribe posts.

But that's not only tag, when posting from (which is the only front-end I'm posting from), you can use up to 10 tags which means you can appear in 10 different tribes if that's what you want. But remember - your article has to go along with the theme of the tribe. You can't post your food or photography posts in the gaming tribe, for example.

But you have gotta use your brain to take photos, right? Share your experience with others, prove your brain is working better than copy-paste spammers, and unleash the beast within. The more stuff you do, the more you'll get done. You have it in you to succeed but you gotta devote both your time and dedication to the thing you're doing.

Oh, yeah, feed your brain

This is also super important. Every social media that you're using, you have some feed on it. The feed of the people you're following. It's essential that this feed you're seeing (your brain is eating it), is inspiring and full of things you're interested in. It's even better if you can learn from your feed. Follow only the people that you feel a connection to or else you'll end up with a feed that messes with your brain more than it helps.

And thank you for reading, this was my brain on HIVE!

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