Leo Is Life. And a Place to Thrive!

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Ten years ago it was either Facebook, 9gag, or some other useless page that I scrolled whenever I didn't know anything better to do. Or whenever I was on my phone. If I have to look back - those were some dark times. Thankfully, things have changed. Nowadays, I am having a completely different experience with LeoFinance being one of my top visited websites.

How about you? Has crypto taken over your life or are you still deciding which path to take? In any case, on LeoFinance you can find things to do. Whether it's reading to get smarter and increase your knowledge or writing to become a better writer and content creator, anyone can find a place here.

Most of the articles take less than 5 minutes to read. Once you start leaving your feedback in the comment section, you'll meet fellow-minded people and also find valuable information. Either there's an app you haven't heard about or a coin with strong fundamentals that nobody talks about. Nobody except Leo community. These calls are often rewarded really well, take RUNE as an example. Leo talked about it a long time ago while the token was less than $0.30 worth.

In short, it's rewarding to be here. Starting from connections with brilliant people to an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom one can gather. Leo is life and a place to thrive!


How many times have you thought - what if Facebook paid for likes?

We got you something better. Posts on LeoFinance are not censored. You know how it is on Facebook. People here are open-minded and won't raise negativity when they get the chance. You know how it is on Facebook. Here, on LeoFinance people can be free and call themselves however they wish - it makes the interactions more real. You don't have to think about what your friends will think. And yeah - you get paid for almost everything.

You get paid to write comments, (meaningful ones), you get paid for upvoting other posts (the bigger your voting power, the more you get), and you can earn other Hive engine tokens for engaging with other Hive communities. Oh, and play Hive games. If I forgot to mention, LeoFinance is built on top of Hive blockchain so you can use your Leo account to log in to any Hive Dapp out there.

Being built on top of Hive means you get paid twice. Your Leo articles will earn you both Leo and Hive tokens. Don't ask why, that's just the way it is. If you want to find some other communities on Hive, use PeakD and explore!

Decentralized Finance - DeFi

Lions got their own DeFi application and it is growing to become something magnificent. Starting from Cubdefi to Polycub, CUB name is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. Here's an interview with the founder of Leofinance on Bitcoin.com which is a pretty huge site for crypto enthusiasts.

LeoFinance Founder Khal Kazi Discusses PolyCub and How DeFi and Web3 Can Change Your Life


Community is where LeoFinance stands out from other crypto projects. We are becoming bigger and producing better content with each passing day. Our master Khal is developing the tech with the help of his disciples and we, lions, are gathering knowledge from all around the internet to share with fellow members.

Chat with us on Discord and in the comment section of every post out there. And reply to comments, that can spark up interesting conversations. There are also weekly AMA's going on Discord where anyone can join.

As you can see, when not coding, our leader is there!

We are waiting for your spark! Don't say later because it never comes, it's always now! Join up and together we'll make some love (in the form of cryptocurrency)

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Thank you for reading and have a brilliant day ahead!

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Leo is growing, it's fun, we are learning, winning and working to build connections!

Glad to see you onboard and writing about it.

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