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Just a couple of years ago nobody would believe Goldman Sachs will have their entire website redesigned to look like a crypto site. When you visit GoldmanSachs.com, the first page is all about digitalization starting from cryptocurrencies to the metaverse and trends that are reshaping economies. Where is Leo, you'll ask? We're reshaping the economy as we speak. Leave a comment under this post and you'll make an impact as well, and what's most important here - you'll make an impact on your own wealth. The more time you spend here rather than on Facebook or TikTok, the more crypto and connections you'll gain, it's as simple as that.


Now back to Goldman Sachs

It's a bank and I hope they will eventually die off. If you're a true believer in decentralization, you won't care about these banks and corporations getting into crypto. It was just a matter of time. They gotta do what they gotta do to stay relevant. The real WEB3 and DeFi aren't going to come from a centralized entity, that's for sure. Why would you want to trust a bank with your Bitcoin or other cryptos when the whole point of cryptocurrencies is the self-custody of your assets?

Yeah, the answer is probably pretty simple - most people are too lazy and miseducated to even think about it. The masses will do what's told and when possible will use the easiest way where they don't have to store some private phrase and instead trust the second party. Luckily for us, crypto is getting easier with each passing day as more and more builders join the revolution.

LeoFinance, for example, has an option to create a new account using your Twitter account. It's a feature many dapps miss, a way to connect your old web accounts to the web3 projects, for the lazy people out there. Once you get these people in, they'll start untangling the secrets of blockchain themselves. At first, you gotta impress, then you can digest. Those with better technical skills and devotion, on the other hand, will explore things on their own. That's natural.

Why do you care if we succeed and do you care at all?

We're only free if we can act free. Nowadays, you can't even travel with too much cash. Not only is it dangerous, there are laws forbidding people to either take too much money out of their bank accounts or drive to another country with bags full of money. With crypto, you can easily do that. You can also forget your seed phrase in a boating accident if the government is too active in controlling you.

Together we are true power.

Thank's for reading and keep roaring loud and far, my lion!

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Goldman Sachs will be doing themselves a favor by having Leofinance on their homepage. Yeah I can say this anytime.

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Give us a few more years

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