Hangover is coming: Debt Is The Real Existential Threat

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"It is not known when Perfect Numbers were first discovered, or when they were studied, it is thought that they may even have been known to the Egyptians, and may have even been known before. Although the ancient mathematicians knew of the existence of Perfect Numbers, it was the Greeks who took a keen interest in them, especially Pythagoras and his followers (O’Connor and Robertson, 2004)."

The Pythagoreans found the number 6 interesting (more for its mystical and numerological properties than for any mathematical significance), as it is the sum of its proper factors, i.e. 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 This is the smallest Perfect Number, the next being 28 (Burton, 1980)."

One of the reasons I am religious is because of math. The irony is that I am terrible at mathematics, but on a superficial level it appears to me as something that is holy. Holiness is a biblical concept, but my personal definition of this is an unseen 'force' that enables transcendence. Now of course that doesn't mean there aren't forces of evil; but that relies upon deceit in order to become a realized but artificial gain. I apologize if this is extremely philosophical but stay with me. To me it seems obvious that electrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissue etc.. are all based upon mathematics. The math must work out in order to create at least the illusion that we are here. Remember at this moment my brain is using math to even write this out.


Alright maybe this is a little too confusing. After all HOLY-DAY of Passover is about 'freedom'. That freedom doesn't start with realizing your physical freedom; but it is more about a mental exercise about what freedom means internally. Just remember those electrons around atoms are serving as 'force fields' to create the illusion that matter is more then it really is. Take away those force fields we frankly would not exist in present form.

So we pick up the chametz, or the leaven from bread. How foolish of an exercise is this unless you actually think about the superficiality of matter itself.



Alright enough of my philosophy, religion, holiness..


Suffice it to say that which borrows from sound math but is false always breaks down. Lies are always uncovered with enough spread of time. Let's bring this to the current mathematically impossible ponzi scheme the powers that be strive to keep together. Frankly the atoms keeping it sound on the surface broke down years ago. The façade can no longer keep the Frankenstein monster running. Stitched together the organs are failing. The math just doesn't add up.


So tonight I will drink 4 glasses of wine to celebrate my freedom. Society may lock us up, but the realization of freedom start from the inside, not out. I see the façade and ponzi schemes cannot taper. Every ponzi scheme has no sound math and once the confidence in it falls, the system completely fails. We can believe in falsities, but when the math doesn't add up, the calculation never has the right outcome.

For those not celebrating it matters not. Math is universal truth. For those that are celebrating, celebrate for the right reasons. Enjoy your wine, but realize what freedom truly means.

See you all in a few days.

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You will know science is getting closer to the correct path when they adopt base 12 numbering system.

The universe is base 12.
When we start using that, we will notice so many things just line up. Elegantly.

In music, there are 12 notes.
It is not 10 + 2

So tonight I will drink 4 glasses of wine to celebrate my freedom



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Shooter of Rum here, Cheers.

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I think it was also the Greeks that said mathematics is the language of the Universe and through it we can decipher the mysteries or nature of the Universe. Things can't simply stand and exist for long if the numbers don't add up. I fear the fall of the current system.