Community decision making: Benefits and challenges.

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When you hear community decision making definitely you will start thinking about members of a community that comes together to discuss or deliberate on matters that concerns the community this can happen in both business group, non-business group as well as large or small community organization.

And this community includes stakeholders of a businesses residents or local leaders of an area or expert who want to enhance and improve the governance by empowering individuals by creating projects that will impact positively on the community and the residents.

There are key element to community decision making.


Community decision making is important !

Apart from creating projects that will positively impact to citizen life or build the business community decision helps to enforce responsibility to decision makers because they are held accountable if anything goes wrong.

Also community decision making strengthen democracy because citizens have the right to say what they want, it also helps to improve civic right and also improve the right of decisions.

In Businesses

In business community decision-making helps to build capital and is also helped to create rules and abide by them, community decision making helps to create more awareness of a brand because people get to see the result of commitment and shouldering of responsibility in the business which will attract more customers more investors as well as potential employees who value corporate organizations.

Community decision making helps a business to detect some local needs in the business and work in making adequate changes to fit those areas and become more productive and suitable for the market.

Any business that involve community decision making has the opportunity to build their network will stakeholders grow their business and they also will be able to collaborate and partner with other business around the world which helps to increase their chances of effectiveness.

Any business that is active in community decision making find it more easier to manage risk because community decision making addresses potential risk before Time and plans beforehand on how to manage those risk.

This beforehand plans helps to is to avoid conflict and damage of reputation.
Expert and experience employees find it attractive to work with businesses or companies that are active in a community because this helps to boost their engagement their satisfaction and also you to higher productivity and loyalty.

Conclusively we can say that any business that wants to survive risk that wants to access resources that also wants to build employees trust and engagement must be active in their different communities.

In Government

This is a very important aspect of government because it is the only approach that helps them to recognize the value of citizens and also have them to collaborate, when it comes to local issue religional issues and national issues community members will have to gather together to address those issues and make decisions.

Community decision making gives the government the opportunity to plan on how to allocate government resources how to handle some proposals and how much is needed to manage them, during election campaign they also needs to come together as a community and plan how voting project will be handled, and what is involved.

One good thing about community decision making on it comes to government is the fact that is strengthens democratic governance because it tries to promote transparency accountability and it also helps to build the trust and confidence in the citizens.

challenges facing community decision making.

There are some present challenges facing community decision making that need to be addressed because those challenges hinders inclusivity and effectiveness and I strongly believe that web3 has solution to those challenges.

Less Participants

This is one of the greatest challenge facing community decision makers because so many resident do not get to participate in decision making sometimes just a few member of the community comes together and makes decision some hesitate to participate because they are busy with one thing or the other.

With web3.

Yes web3 can provide user friendly interfaces that can enable everyone to engage in decision making either by simply voting other people's opinion or by making a fresh suggestion once you have access to internet you can participate wherever you are.

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Transparency issue

Major motive of community decision making is to improve transparency unfortunately is a major challenge facing them too because some do not see all is involved in a decision that they are supporting and some decision are manipulated because it is centralized and this have made a difficult for community members to achieve transparency.

with web3

Web3 is known for its decentralization and transparency, on web3 platform every decision will be recorded in an immutable ledger and will be automated by smart contract there will be no opportunity to manipulate any decision and everyone get to see how the decision is being carried out.


Community decision making is relevant today because it helps to improve businesses and also empower communities but by adopting web3 community decision making will address all challenges and become more effective because all decisions will be tailored accordingly and all protocols will be observed there will be no manipulation.

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