Splinterlands - The multitude of cryptocurrencies makes it harder to balance the tokenomics

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Splinterlands evolved in time and with that, a multitude of cryptocurrencies was added to each server in a certain scope. We began with Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and from there we expanded with Splintershards (SPS), Merits, and Vouchers. That's if I can recall them right at this moment, but nevertheless, I believe that there is more than we can chew in order to ensure equilibrium and balancing of tokenomics.


I believe that having a governance token like Splintershards (SPS) and a stablecoin like Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) wants to become should be enough in order to try to ensure equilibrium individually and also in tandem. If you add more variables to the equitation things get messier and at some point, there might be chaos all over the place. As well the laser focus is lost and simply a game player or investor would find it much harder to understand it and probably will give up on it.


I understand the multitude of cryptocurrencies and rewards in the Splinterlands give more use cases and add more layers to the current tokenomics, but it also makes it harder to understand, keep track or know in which direction to go. And if that happens I feel that new players might not stay around as things are more complicated than needed. A review and maybe a redesign of the tokenomics and the rewards system could help get out of this overcomplicated system and be more inviting through the easiness of understanding to new gamers.

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I don't know if DEC will become stable anytime soon. There's so much of it that was created in the past from thin air.

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Yeah, it will be hard for the team to peg it back as 1,000 DEC:$1. Need a good plan focusing on that to make it happen.

The game on the surface does looks complicated, well the tokens with staking implemented and usecases being generated for them. I can make do with them.

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For players like us that are for quite some time in Splinterlands, we can do with them, but I think for new players this might be overwhelming.

I agree that the Splinterlands ecosystem is very complicated

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Same here, complex systems tend to discourage onboarding, and it is hard to keep the focus on one asset or the other.

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DEC just requires more use cases and I guess it could become more scarce as people are eating it up in the rental fees. From what I see, it's going to be hard to bring it down to a point where it's back towards the stable 1000 for $1. All the extra tokens does complicate things and it makes me wonder if it will be similar to some MMOs where there are like 20 different currencies for different things.

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Yay! 🤗
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