The road to powering up HIVE – 2,257.035/10,000 (22.57%) target progress from 05-Sep-2020

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As previously stated my target for this year is to get 10 000 HIVE powered up. I've aggregated all my earnings and will power up every time I can regardless of the HIVE price. This is a long term strategy and I am not willing to derail from it in any way (maybe if the HIVE price gets to more than 1$, but even than I might just accumulate more). I have multiple interests and the funding will come from gaming, cryptocurrencies, finance and life posts.

It is time to redeem some pending rewards and use them to increase my influence. The sources of my gains are:

  • Posts and comments on Hive Games, Finance and other cryptocurrency related subjects
  • Hive games rewards and conversion to HIVE

As per today 05-Sep-2020 I have powered up 90.803 HIVE more which got me over the 2,200 milestone and resulted in 2,257.035 HIVE POWER which represent 22.57% from the 10,000 goal.

The rules on the project I've undertake for posting on LeoFinance community and staking are like this:

  1. Power up anytime from the HIVE or HBD wallets.
  2. Make 1 or 2 posts daily and be active also commenting and contribution to well established communities.
  3. Post about hobbies and items of interest in order to keep the focus – crypto gaming, finance, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, finance or content based on the communities I am part of.
  4. Keep posting about the progress and see if the milestone can be reached until 31-December-2020.

Next I just need to keep up with it and make a routine out of it. Stay posted to see if this project will succeed in the given timeline – end of the year 31-December-2020.

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This is an excellent post @behiver. I am glad to see people focusing upon the long term. That is what all have to do. Large account totals do not happen over night. But when we measure the progress over a couple years. then it really hits home. You keep following this path, your posts will get more rewards.

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I truly appreciate your support and also the insight you bring in the finance and cryptocurrency world. Great things can be build by communities and I believe you influence it and inspire others (myself included) for keeping on going and improving each day.

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Its good to have goals, it helps to keep us motivated and discplined to keep moving forwards (and upwards!). Its also great to see not just a goal, but a strategy on how you plan to reach it!

My current goal (5000 Hive) is not quite as impressive as yours, but I know if we stay consistent, and keep going we will succeed!

I put a goal of 10,000 which probably is bigger then I can achieve but that is to motivate me more. I welcome your challenge for 5,000 HIVE and wish you will hit your target.

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great to hear! It's not too hard to power up some hive every month. I'm doing it as well :)

I love to see those in the slow and steady camp @tobetada. It is nice to know there are so many accounts growing on a consistent basis. Over time, that will yeild major benefits to the community.

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