What's the symbol residing behind the Hive blockchain name?

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I am not sure about the inspiration or the source for naming this blockchain Hive, but I will give you my own interpretation that came into my head around 01:00 AM while I was still browsing around before putting me to sleep. For me, Hive means a collective mind which is stronger together than an individual one. Of course, each mind should follow its own path and diversity, but above it, all should connect with other ones to form something more powerful. And an instance of this is through communities that act as one.


As a collective, as a community, and as individuals we all pull through the Hive metaverse and try to uplift ourselves and others along the way. This is where the magic resides on this blockchain and that's in the power of many instead of the power of one. This translates also into decentralization and more democratic governance which we all see how important it is if we were to compare that with real-world events. So this is why I truly appreciate the social structure on this blockchain and the chances that are given to each of us to make through his or her own powers. We have here the liberty of expression and the possibility to make it big if we put in the work and ensure ourselves a financial future from our passions and interests.


For me, the Hive blockchain name means a collective mind and being part of communities that empowers us and we lift together. Now is your turn to answer the question.

What's the symbol residing behind the Hive blockchain name?

Speak up and let's try to find out what's behind the Hive name and what treasure might lie within. We are all different and we get fond of so many things, so I am sure we all appreciate some gems more than others. We all stand with Hive and we all contribute to the brand in our own way. And we all have our reasons to be here and contribute.

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Funny enough but we bought a kitchen sink faucet last year when we replaced the counters and the guy who installed them said he had a faucet we can have for a discount so we said sweet thanks. I take it out of the box and the faucet company is called Hive and I think the symbol is the same as hive the blockchain lol so maybe that’s where it came from, I figure it’s likely been around longer than we have.

Can’t find the symbol but I had the box and swore I saw it there lol


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That's quite a great coincidence or inspiration source.

That is a good analogy, @behiver.
I would agree with you that it is based on community and the communities working together for a common goal. Increased Hive awareness.

I can't wait to see what kind of responses you get from this post. I have only been here for 10 months, so I am not familiar with the history of Hive.

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As a collective, we shall grow!

If the analogy is with bees and their Hive, then I think it symbolizes the power of a community. A Hive is a place where bees gather and build their colony. It also the place where they make that precious fluid called honey. To me, Hive is like the place where the bees (its users) contribute their experience, knowledge and expertise in building that a strong colony (ecosystem).

The power of communities is the honey of the bees.

I never thought about the image, interesting question and answer.

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Yeah, we need to tackle the creative angle as well as a way to market Hive outside and ensure that we have healthy branding on what it symbolizes.

I also thought it was related to bees and a hive-like mind. So I guess the symbol more or less represents the beehive but adapted to something the community liked?

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Yeah, that sounds like a good analogy.

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