What if there was a marketplace for Energy Capture Rate?

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The new reward system in Splinterlands has turned me into a beast of a player. I have been grinding harder than ever for the daily and seasonal rewards.

In one hand, this aggressive approach to handling my quests leads to burnout and drains my energy capture rate. However, on a positive note, this has been one of the best seasons so far, in terms of daily rewards

At the time of writing, my gold 2 deck is already up to 41 loot chests for the season. Considering that there are still 9 whole days of the season left, I think there's more time to get more packs.

The problem is that with every battle, my energy capture rate reduces. ECR is a familiar concept to Splinterlands players, however, for the unindoctrinated, ECR is kind of like resource credit that depletes with every transaction and also recharges with time.

The difference is that ECR determines the amount of Dark Ebergy Crystals you receive for winning a ranked battle. Each Splinterlands battle consumes some of your Energy Capture Rate.

To simplify it, lets assume you go into a ranked battle with your squad and winning that battle with a 100% ECR earns you 10 DEC. At 50% ECR, you will earn 5 DEC for winning a ranked battle with the same squad.

ECR marketplace maybe?

At the time of writing, there's no way to "power up" your ECR, in the same way that powering up Hive earns you more Resource credit. So, what this means that when your ECR is depleted, you just have to wait it out.

Yesterday evening, I tested the waters by throwing out a concept where players can "stake" DEC to gain Energy Capture Rate. There were some interesting responses on the Tweet.

Link to Tweet

Some people thought it was nice while others didn't really see how it would work. @bulldog1205 added that the idea could lead to an increase in DEC inflation but I pointed out that if that also translates to an increase in network activities, could we count it as a win?

Then I had another epiphany of sorts this morning. What if there was something like a marketplace for Energy Capture Rate?

How I see it, there's a lot of ECR just laying around in dormant and passive players' accounts. This ECR would have normally been used to generate more DEC, so technically speaking, there's no change in the inflation schedule.

Naturally, this will require an even more robust system to ensure it works. It could work with something like an escrow system where you "pull out" ECR from your account and put in the marketplace.

Whenever you take out ECR from your account, ECR regeneration of your account is paused and is only reinstated when your ECR in the market is either sold off or you decide to remove it from the marketplace.

This addition to the Splinterlands marketplace could then lead to ECR being tokenised or not. In fact, this could even morph into something like an ECR lease or rental market.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts about the concept in the comment section. What do you think about an Energy Capture Rate marketplace?

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Well, I am not familiar with splinterlands. Like you said, the ECR being similar to RC: if the ECR snd DEC are kind of built on the same system the powerup could work. You know, like how Hive and HP are.

It could work with something like an escrow system where you "pull out" ECR from your account and put in the marketplace.

This is idea is really an epiphany. The escrow thingy would at least hold the DEC and ECR and not like one would kind of dissappear into oblivion. It sounds more like a transaction now.

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Wouldn't that incentivize farming ECR off of hundred or thousands of accounts? I believe you don't even need to buy a spellbook to have ECR. But even if you need to make a one-time 7$ purchase (since 3$ is returned as credits) per account, it may be worth it, if one wants to farm ECR "professionally". I don't think this idea would work, tbh. Too much downside.

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Fair point, although for me, the most important thing is that the conversations start coming into the scene.

Some people think staking SPS should increase ECR as well.

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Some people think staking SPS should increase ECR as well.

That makes more sense, although, with the coming SPS rewards for staking, probably we won't see an ECR boost as well.

Interesting idea! There is also talk about ECR potions...

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The idea of ECR actually make sense for former reward system and I think now we need more, if truly this is to support active players there should be away we can increase the ECR

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Should give a boost for players that stake sps. like the way hive power work

The more markets, the better. Let people buy and sell their assets, and ECR is obviously an asset as it changed how much DEC you can earn per match.



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Having just read imno's post discussing the idea of potentially burning SPS for DEC, the following quote is on my mind:

But like most adjustments made to complicated systems, there will be unintended consequences.

That would certainly apply here too.

Anyway, how cool is the fact we can put forward ideas and have discussions around the games here on Hive.

The team will certainly be reading and continuing to gauge community sentiment.

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İnteresting idea, but IMO, there are two drawbacks of your proposal regarding successfull players. The pros would earn DEC in battles and buy DEC rates in return. First of all, this would increase addictive nature of gaming. Life is not all about gaming. And the same pros would harvest DECs which is a source of inflation and inequality (or non-competititiveness).

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A unique proposal.
I would certainly take advantage of any type of market for this. Some days are a long grind trying to get those rewards and having a way to 'power up' the capture rate would really help.
As you mentioned, staking SPS would be a great way to increase the capture rate.
Cheers and !PIZZA

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