Apple getting pinched

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I have been saying for 2 weeks now that aapl might be putting in a head and shoulders top for a bit. As you can see from the graph it is getting bounced around under the 10 day moving average, and the long term trend line. If we break the trend line, we would be heading down to the 120 area, or worse the 110. I would be okay with the 120 area, and then I would turn around and be a buyer there.

I am just hoping with the short week we get some movement to the down side, and get this thing moving before my options start to expire.


Confirmation would be a move below the long term trend line, which is also the neck line.

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What you really need is an announcement that they just bought $200B of Bitcoin. :-) That would probably do it for you....

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Well I am short, so I need the move down, then I will get long. So I need them to wait a couple weeks

Hah! I didn't know that. Yeah, that would be bad news for you. lol Personally, I think they're already buying and won't announce until they have their full position. So, probably a couple weeks at least. Although, the $50k mark is a pretty major psychological resistance so there may be some pretty good volume to be had there. May not take as long as one would think. The real killer is that traditional markets aren't open on Monday so you've got to wait all the way until Tuesday....Good luck! You've got more balls than I do.... lol

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Haha thanks,