Building Streams Of Income With Crypto/Hive

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Building Streams Of Income With Crypto for me has been one of the most profitable ventures ever in crypto. It's the only blockchain platform I have found that offers so much for so little and it's only a matter of time before that kicks off into even larger possibilities. In this article I'm going to go over some of the easy ways to start building revenue streams with Crypto but in particular Hive.


Write / Video / Podcast Etc.

Do you enjoy creating content? If you enjoy finance related topics then is your platform. If not there are communities for just about any niche from gaming to homesteading. Simply by creating quality content you can earn upvotes from the communities earning you hive along with many other layer two tokens here on hive.

This is one of the most powerful ways to provide value, enjoy your time and earn while doing all of it. You also get to interact and meet a lot of new cool people who are interesting in the same topics you have.

Enjoy doing vlogs and video type content?
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Play2Earn / Play2Own Games

Hives gaming space is expanding and with it there is going to be more demand for hive but also the layer 2 tokens that make it up. Below are a few solid options and some information on ones coming soon.

RisingStar This game costs nothing to start besides a hive account with some resource credits on hit (powered up hive) Simply do some missions every day and get a layer 2 token called Starbits. You can also later expand into starpro, opening packs for NFTs and selling or using them to level your way up in the game. At some point I would recommend getting 1 million starbits which will allow you to apply for the million star bit club which allows you to do a single mission each day that pays out 10,000 startbits (or about $1.50/daily for clicking a few buttons) or simply buy a NFT pack and test your luck or level your account.

Splinterlands This game is a monster! In a good way!! It can take some funds to get started in the game however Chaos packs are selling for record low prices right now. This game is top of the line when it comes to play2earn and is one of the largest games right now. There's so much too this game I simply can't go over it all here in any kind of detail but here's the low down.

Buy/Rent/Sell packs and cards to build your deck. Play in battles each day to unlock rewards which can be DEC a currency used in game valued or NFT cards to help you level up. This is still going to be expanded into Lands, SPS governance tokens which earn staking rewards and so much more. This game is a beast!

Other honorable mentions
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Hive has only recently really started to get involved into DeFi platforms. In fact the first largest DeFi platform Hive and it's decentralized stablecoin HBD is now located on PolyCub

DeFi platforms offer the ability to provide liquidity and other functions to a banking like system and earn revenue from it in the form of fees or the native token of that defi platform.

HBD which is the decentralized version of a stablecoin here on Hive is set at a 20% APR. That means for Ever 1,000 HBD you'll be earning 200 HBD per year at the current APR rates.

As you can see hive actully offers everything other chains offers but so much more. It's massive growth and potential still happening on this chain every day and I encourage you to take part in it as soon as possible.

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There is so many ways to earn crypto here. I just play the Splinterlands. There is other good games to make more passive income. I still to choose another game, Rising stars or Hashkings !

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Splinterlands is a good option. I feel like you need to dump some $$$ into that game though to really benefit from it which isn't a bad thing it's just a higher tier up.

There are loads of ways to be a part of what's going on here and if you're chanced you can easily be involved in multiple ways.

The best part of the gaming sector is you can write about them and still earn decent rewards. Anyone who is on Hive and not exploring the Nft games is missing out.

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Some great tips there, im on it!

Hive is simply the best way to enter into web 3. A gift that keeps on giving. A basket of opportunities

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Building a stream of income is certainly the reason I came on board the Hive ecosystem.
It's the DeFi that has attracted me the most, although the Splinterlands economy is definitely the "monster" that is driving the most interest.
I look forward having a bit of fun while earning a potential income.
Cheers and thank you :)

Are you a Starbits millionaire yet? :)

As of today I am! in starbits at least :D Makes for about 2.5-3 Hive per day now for 3 clicks lol

Many people are aware of the power of the internet, they're just not certain as to how to enter. Hive is a myriad of opportunities. This i can absolutely agree to. I'll take a look at risingstar soon enough.

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Hive and Leo Finance seem like a great tool to introduce people to crypto and altcoins while making it financially attractive to become active and engage in what looks like a medium-oriented platform, but with a whole earning tokens, which makes it a better option for those who want to venture in the content creation world.

You mentioned Polycub in your post, which caught our attention because we've been very involved with the Polycub ecosystem by adding all the farms and the xPolycub vault to our DeFi tracker, which allows users to track their positions with a lot of details regarding cost, value and profits earned. If you have any DeFi investments, we would appreciate if you check out our recently launched website app at

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