More Growth In The Streaming Field

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If any of you watch twitch, kick or Youtube live streams you most likely are aware that there has been major battles taking place in terms of trying to get people to use their platform. The most recent is a controversial platform kick which is backed by Stake and mainly promotes gambling. Besides that we have seen other streaming platforms crop up in the crypto world of which many haven't done so well.

Streaming Is Expensive

In terms of the hardware, throughput and other things required running a live streaming platform is crazy expensive which many platforms started to realize.

Crypto had a few projects that dove into this however pretty much all of these are now either closed down or have drastically changed their ways. I think one of the largest people might remember is Tfuel platform which is still in operation but has changed off of being a stream platform to center on their focus again. I'd be very curious to see if anything launches off of that platform again as it does have good promise.

There's a new one in town currently in prelaunch that focuses on being the first decentralized live streaming. It's called DeeStream and uses the DST Token It's for sure going to be interesting to see what comes of this platform and how they are going to be able to run such a system and build profits for their token. Plus uphold the whole decentralized part of it. I always question when I hear that now.

This new style of streaming platform has been getting some serious backing from the BCH (Bitcoin cash) and BTC (Bitcoin) communities as it builds up for it's prelaunch.


DeeStream) focuses on a lot of growing pain points for the industry. The first is to reward those who help contribute to the growth of the overall system. The second is a focus on increased creator freedom with less censorship and a big one lower fees than what other streaming platforms currently take.

Did you know Youtube takes a 45% cut of subs, ads and donation revenue?
Twitch takes around 50% of sub revenue and also 45% of ad revenue.

These platforms have to take massive cuts because they need to please investors and fill the profits of the CEOs etc.

With a blockchain type system those earnings can now go back to investors, contributors and streamers near instantly via blockchain tech and tokenomics of the cryptocurrency.

This also presents lower fees that can be passed off into the token. Did you know that credit card companies charge the business $0.30 + 3.5% on top of it for every transaction that's made? It boggles the mind seriously how much of a charge is on these things and how if anything the government should be regulating credit cards over anything else.

What's clear though is a lot of web2 applications will be going web3 and implement their own tokens, fees and how they operate. It's actully impressive and if these web2 applications don't do it then a few years down the line they will start to find themselves obsolete. But we here on web3 and blockchain do have much work to still do but I'm happy to see progress being made in this area.

What web3, blockchain, crypto platforms are you enjoying at the moment?

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Thanks for sharing this useful information I am going to explore deestream

You're welcome

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