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RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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Hive has come a long way from just a blogging platform but we are just scratching at it right now. There's HUGE development that still needs to take place. These developments will drastically increase onboarding naturally which honestly would require no marketing plan. The plans to market would be built right into each of the apps launched via referral or simply because it's AWESOME and they want to share it with others. There's still a number a major hurdles hive needs to overcome as quickly as possible. Easy of getting your hands on hive, more apps, more options. Hive will soon just be a background extra while the frontends are where the onboarding and interaction takes place.


I agree we are still missing some key pieces. That is what will really accelerate things, once those are in place.

We are, however, getting closer. That is why we see the long way to go yet we came a long way idea. This is no longer a blogging chain yet it still is in many respects. Speak is looking to radically change video, microblogging, gaming, etc. They are moving closer but still not there yet.

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