Fiat vs Crypto

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Someone shared this with me over whatsapp and I thought it was a great representation of Fiat vs BTC interms of value.

I'm sure you have similar friends like mine where they just don't want to invest into BTC as is waiting for the price to dip. But when the dip does happen, they still don't buy in.

One of my buddies has been asking me if it was the right time to buy BTC .. and he has been asking me since 2016 when BTC was merely $550 at that very point of time.

If he had gone in a buy .. just by holding it, he would have gained a LOT by now... so these days .. I just ask him to google it as they would always ask the same question and not take much action.

Its coming up to the weekend.. hope you all have a great day ahead ! And stay safe.

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I like the idea, but it's a terrible infographic, the years don't even line up.

If someone's going to spend that much effort creating something which is in fairness quite clever you may as well make sure you get the basic visuals right!

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the prices which are being compared to are based on the prices we are getting in Malaysia. And yes indeed that we are able to get a car with 1BTC as our currency value vs the USD is way much lower and an average Malaysian household income is about USD 2,000 per month. So 1 BTC can really go a long way even now.

Agree. Year axis does not make much sense

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I can feel everyone getting busy designing their own versions!

Which would be fair enough, if I get time I might have a crack myself, I love nice visuals, problem is I'm just not that skilled when it comes to creating them, to do a good job takes a lot of time, BUT a good visual (infographic/ image) tagged correctly is VERY GOOD for SEO!

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@bitrocker2020, Already speculations are firing up, that Bitcoin is racing to become the Digital Gold. Stay blessed.