Peerplays DEX release - the very first UI

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So, with the Bitcoin SONs and the work on Hive-Peerplays SONs (sidechain), the DEX makes a lot of sense right now. Peerplays always had the Bitshares DEX functionalities but until recently it was more or less limited or disabled. Now with all the importance that finance, especially the DeFi systems are getting, its the right time to launch the DEX. We will also be adding support for DeFi, on-chain liquidity pools and AMM & not a clone of what is available on Ethereum or clones. This DEX release is the first step in that direction !




Currently we support the following:

- Create accounts on the Blockchain.
- Create market listings for asset pairs (buy and sell aka trades).
- Ability to send assets to other users.
- View user's activity on the DEX. (transactions)
- Advanced mode to enable/disable voting, blockchain detail features

The release notes are here :

On the blockchain side:

  • We are fixing various small issues and porting some of the fixes that we missed out over the years.

How this will help HIVE holders ?

Hive blockchain doesn't have a mechanism to create tokens or trade them in a decentralized and trustless manner. This is the very same community which understands the need for decentralized and trustless technologies. In addition the token creation, it will take Hive a long while to extend its current market aka DEX to support DeFi features. While many of this can be done in a centralized manner, its quite possible to provide a better value and protection using the decentralized technologies. The Peerplays-Hive Sidechain and the Peerplays-Bitcoin & Peerplays-Ethereum sidechains (SONs) will provide the Hive community the much needed access to external coins and tokens like the ERC20 tokens.

These points I believe will bring tangible value to the Hive community. (Thanks @sanjeevm for asking this. I edited the original post to include this part.)


Looks nice!

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thanks. Though needs do a lot of polishing to look like those biggies out there .. :)

So this is going to have great impact on HIVE ?

I believe so as the HIVE coins and future HIVE SMT tokens if they are done can be moved to the Peerplays DEX via the sidechain oracles (decentralized bridges.) Tokens like the @threespeak ones also will be able on the DEX. This combined with the liquidity pools is expected to provide good experience for Hive community.