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RE: LeoFinance overtakes GEMS as the most rewarded community on Hive

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I posted in GEMS for a while and then moved on because I was basically told I would never get an upvote because my account is too large. While upvotes aren't the only reason I post, it just made more sense to move along and not have my content cluttering up their feed. I still use the tag from time to time, but I know I will never get any attention from them. They seem to support smaller accounts and a handful of their "favorites" so it is hard to break into that community anyway. Thankfully, Leo seems to be a really great fit for me.

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Hmm. Well I guess it is good that their focus in newer content. How that new account/content arrives in GEMS so quickly is a bit of a mystery though.

I suspect most people here have some sort of interest in Finance (personal finance, crypto, etc), and so there should be room for all.

Yeah, without directly calling them out, there was always something a bit fishy there. I didn't really feel like my account was that big back then, yet they apparently did. Meanwhile they were consistently supporting other accounts that were obviously on their way to becoming larger than mine. I know I probably just sound bitter, but there were some definite red flags at times.

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Hmm, yeah. I'll not go digging, some things are better left unsaid :)

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