Stop storing your cryptos in exchanges, keep your keys safe!

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Recently another crypto attack has been perpetuated opening again the debate about if exchanges like Binance, CoinEx or other dozens of exchanges are more secure than having all the cryptos at hand and it seems that the answer is very simple, not yet, they are still not clear enough how to properly store the coins and secure the accounts of the millions of users they manage and it seems they will not secure them soon, so for a few months now I have all my coins as well as my investments safe away from the markets, I bought a Ledger some time ago just out of curiosity but today it is my biggest possession, a simple device to keep all my precious coins safe.

So I make this quick post to remind you, if you have any account in any of these exchanges have preventive measures, be aware that you are not the owner of the keys and always put an amount of money that you are willing to lose in these sites, because just as a hacker can enter a network and steal with a click millions of dollars of crypto investors can also do the same with your wallet in a matter of minutes.

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Not your keys not your crypto. It is easier for a thief to beat one man carrying a bag of coins than it is to beat 100 men carrying bags of coins. Exchanges are not safu

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that's right my friend, the best thing is to have the keys ourselves! thanks for the comment!