Mined my first Koin(o)s - and the fees were less than the value surprisingly.

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Hi everyone,

I set my proof frequency to once a week, so I was expecting a proof to go through soon. I set my gas to double the standard rate just to make sure that it went through, and I got a nice little chunk of Koins. I don't actually know how long it's been since Koinos mining started and it feels like this has taken ages, but hey, finally got there. If it does moon at least I'll get some of the action 😂

It also looks like a really interesting project so having a stake in it will be nice.

This is the first time I've mined anything in a while (other than Hive through Posting/Curation)

Thanks for reading,
~ CA

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What is your computer setup? I got single digits of Koin for mining and it turns out it makes more sense to buy at that rate. The break-even point is about double digit Koin amounts.

I'm mining once a week on a 5MH/s server. That is slightly cheaper than buying it but only because I have to have that spare server space anyway whether I use it or not.