Has Publish0x Tip Values Increased Recently?

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I had found Publish0x early on in my crypto journey, and was really happy then with my earnings because making any free crypto was more than I had been making before I found them.


But as time went on it seemed like the tips I was earning weren't adding up to much more than a decent faucet. I ended up finding Hive and haven't been on PublishOx much since.

But today I decided to try them again. As it is the beginning of the month I can see the value of my tips very clearly. I just used my last tip for the day, so I here is what I earned with my upvotes today.


Today's tips that I gave out gave me $0.11 back. While not life changing, they are much more than I had remembered them being worth before and certainly way better than any faucet I've found.

I am definitaly going to have to put Publish0x back in my mix of crypto earning daily tasks, along with cross posting my blog posts there. I do find a lot of interesting articles over there so it is nice to get a wee bit of crypto and learn at the same time.

Every little bit adds up.

Happy Monday all!


If you haven't tried Publish0x yet please consider signing up using my referral code.


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I made about 6$ but in so long time these tips are so small
I hope they can increase the tips value soon

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I use It occasionally but the tips are so small that I can't be bothered. I have not withdrawn any of my earnings and wonder if it's even possible with such small amounts accumulated so far.

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I think you need to get to $10 before you can make a request. You might want to try them again, I swear back when Eth was their focus each tip was a small fraction of a cent at most.

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Apologies for the late reply, thanks for the inspiration to keep trying there at 0x.

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