Attention Hive Traders: Receive alerts when big transactions hit exchanges!

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Hello fellow Hive Traders and Community,

I just spent my Sunday coding a Telegram Bot channel that alerts subscribers upon large Hive transactions to exchanges:


The bot will alert on any transaction higher than 5.000 HIVE sent to Bittrex or Houbi, I will add more exchanges as they add Hive to their trading pairs. You can join the channel by clicking on the link above or searching for it on Telegram under the name @HiveAlert_bot

I hope traders find this bot useful. It is an addition to my previous bot that displays the price of Hive and other major cryptocurrencies:

These bots were created using the amazing python libraries provided by two great witnesses:

@emrebeyler - LightHive.
@holger80 - Beempy

Happy Trading and Hive on!

If you like my bots, please consider voting for my witness:
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I've been wanting something like this for a while now. Will definitely check it out, thanks for putting in the time to make it happen 🙏🏽

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I am glad you find it useful :)