SPS Price is Going Up Thanks to Burning

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SPS price is going up and entered bullish trend thank to burning. After releasing Land 1.5, game tokenomics supported SPS price and SPS price went up fro 0.013 to 0.025 USD. SPS price doubled in a few days...

Small portion of SPS burning helped price to go up. Market condition also helped SPS to go up.

Here you can see price action after burning starts..

Game tokenomics designed very good for possitive action. I was waiting for Burning with my liquid SPS tokens..

I shared lots of analysis for SPS price and said there was falling wedge pattern and It would be broken up. It happened and SPS price went up. SPS price is going to broke up the top level of 2023. Will we see it in December?

The volume of SPS token is also increasing. So, It maybe possible to see..

SPS price is important for Hive Blockchain. Splinterland is one of the best play to earn game!

Splinterlands supported Hive price pump in 2021!

So, I support SPS price every time..

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Go SPS go! ;)

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