HIVE, BTC, and ETH Prediction Markets

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It has been a very busy few weeks after the weather tried to murder everyone here. Things are finally starting to get back to normal for the most part. I've also transitioned into working in crypto full time. Perhaps I'll speak more on that in the future. Anyways, let's get to the point of this post.

I've created 3 new prediction markets: One for HIVE, one for ETH, and one for BTC. Each market is speculating on prices above or below a relatively modest target price (for a bull market at least) as of December 1st, which tends to be around the time of year for peak bull market insanity. Ultimately, all of these markets are asking the question of whether you are bullish or bearish right now and where you see us at the start of December.

Personally I think we have a pullback coming pretty soon, but I'm still ultimately bullish and I think we're going to see plenty of new all time highs before the year ends. I suppose we'll find out pretty soon. What do you think? You a bull or a bear right now? Was it all a dream? Time will tell. You can find all of these markets on (HIVE's only prediction market).

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I was thinking about the prediction markets today and wishing I knew how to use it better, I'll have to check it out again. :)

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If you need help, holla at me on Discord. There's a built in wallet to trade swap.hive to PAL through the tribaldex pool (that's how I use it) and market shares are 10 PAL. I usually splash a lot of PAL into my markets but I haven't got to it yet... I will before they close though.