We need more long term investors in hive !

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As I always write, I check the price only in bitcoin and I think that's the most important. If hive will cost more in bitcoin, it will cost more in dollar as well !

Yesterday I wrote this : It's the best time to buy hive !. And I still think the same. Because hive is really cheap today ! So, anyone can afford to buy some hive. Absolutely anyone. Even if you buy hive for $1 or $10, it's also buying hive. Imagine if million people in one day will buy hive for $1. That will be a million dollar invested in it in one day. What do you think about the price and where it goes in this case ? !

So, today I looked at the chart and I saw this :


In one single day traders seemed had a signal and they decided to invest in hive. I even felt that my post affected that. lol So, the price went from about 860 satoshies to about 910 satoshies. If someone invested 2 million hive then and sold it in the peak, he/she could make 1 bitcoin earning in one single day ! Imagine that !

910 - 860 = 50 , 100 million satoshies / 50 = 2 million hive.

I guess now you understand the effect of trading and how much people can make a day with a simple trading. I really knew a guy from Bulgaria who lived that way. He told me that he could make a few bitcoin a day and I want's sure about that. I even lost his contact to learn from him. But I guess that I understand now the principle and that's the most important. It's just a story I wanted to share !


That was only one signal that changed the price of hive a bit. Imagine if we share this to all long term traders. I think those could make a big change and lift easily the price of hive to a few dollars as I see everyone wish. Because the long term investors don't have time to speculate every single day. They just put their money in something worthy and check after a longer time to assure that the development is going on and that their money is secure !

That's what I think we need to have. But to have that, we have to be long term first. So, they see that we have more long term investors than speculators. It could be clear from the depth chart. When you see more buyers then sellers.


The depth chart is clearly showing that we have more buyers than we have sellers ''150k hive'' sold. That's in mxc echange only, but what about other exchanges as well. I think the total is what forms the total supply and that's 411 million hive depending on coinmarketcap.


Checking hiveblocks.com I see current supply is about 412 million. Could that mean that we have only 1 million powered up ? But, that's not the case, I know a few whales who have even more than that.

Maybe @themarkymark could explain this ? Since I see him Current witness on hiveblocks.

I would like to know how much hive is powered up and how much is on exchanges. Or maybe there is a tool to see that ? I'm just interested !

I like to dig deeper to understand what's going on !

I hope to see more long term investors in hive !


I think attracting any external big money will require marketing Hive as both an investment opportunity, as well as a product that actually does something. However, I've decided that I'm just going to focus inwardly and grow the platform from within.

Yeah, growing the platform from within is good. People like you will do such work and others will work on marketing. I think everyone is good at something and that what he/she should do.

Yup. Focus on your strengths and play your role.

If you learn how to make trades for investing purposes and not speculation, you could really benefit. Long-term investing should be how we approach hive. There are too many people out there that want to make quick money and this causes the prices to fluctuate greatly. There should be more long-term investors.

For sure. I feel you're one of the long term investors as well. I would like to be a long term investor as well. That's why I never sell right away because of the price of a crypto, but only in case I see some fraud in it. But if I see the team fixing everything, I may invest again. The most important is to see some developement and improvement !

Trading is not easy for me. I have tried to trade and earn from trading profit. Badly, I lost in 2018 when bitcoin dumped to the lowest price. Till now, I have no much courage to earn from trading.

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It's true there is profits in trading, especially if one learns the ropes perfectly well

I need to learn this 🥺

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For sure. I think creating in crypto world should be always followed with trading it. Selling it right away and converting it to fiat directly makes no sense. If we learn how to trade it and make our wealth grow, it's much better !

For that, I gotta learn

It makes perfect sense to trade and grow our wealth as you said


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