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RE: Bitcoin World Tree: Hive is Agave

in LeoFinance6 months ago

No marketing and poor leadership didn't help when you think about the 3 year long bear cycle. Also our "leader" at the time sold us to a little frustrated dictator so ... there's that :D


Hive doesn't need marketing.
Theoretically it should market itself and it's the dapps that need to market.

I also get the feeling that once our 22KB bandwidth per second gets taxed to the limit we'll be hoping people forget about Hive for a while. No blockchain has enough bandwidth for mass adoption alone.

we still have more bandwidth than ethereum if I'm not mistaken, so we're still ahead of the curve

Sure but ETH also isn't clogging up their network with raw text via a blogging network. It's not hard to use 22KB a second. That being said, resource credits are so cheap their value rounds down to zero. So there is that.

make RC require more HP and problem solved :)

RCs are basically a derivative of bandwidth.
It's not a problem that bandwidth is free right now.
Many see that as a feature.
It won't last forever.

In any case, I'm pretty sure the system works by increasing RC costs,
not lowering the amount of RCs you get from HP.

I was implying that RC costs will increase if we'll have too much traffic