Money Spent on Health is not Wasted

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Today I heard a bad news that one of the relatives of neighbour was died because of heart attack. She was just below 40 years old. Whe was facing the uneasiness from last few days but ignored it fully, might be she was getting minor heart attack. And yesterday it was the day that she lost her life, because of the major heart attack.


Now people usually ignore their health or don't go for checkup thinking they are healthy and does not want to spend money on the Healthcare. I think your health is much more important than the wealth you have created or aspire yo create and the proverb holds true always that "Health is Wealth". Know creating wealth is great but health should be the first priority.

Like you should have a good health insurance and along with that it would be great if your health insurance provided provides you with health checkup every year. If not then you should do health checkup every year or if you are above 45 then you should do it twice a year so that any small problems can be detected and can be cured before hand. The ultimate thing is that you should not take your health lightly no matter what.

We were shocked to hear the news because we have seen her a lot of times and she was quite active. Even though you are active, it is not a guarantee that you are healthy. The only way to be sure is to do checkup. I know checkup costs money, but that money is not wasted. It can save you from paying in the future.

So keep a habit of being active as well as doing checkup every year so that any problem can be detected as early as possible.

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I think health shouldn't be taken lightly no matter what we choose to pursue in life. Young people tend to be carefree about their health thinking that they have time to put everything together. But nowadays, isn't necessarily with old age that health issues arise.

That's absolutely correct, neglecting health is too bad and thus you might have to spend a lot in fixing things which can be fixed quite easily if you would have spent time and money on your health.

Prevention is better than cure they say. the human body is not an engine that can shut down and be fixed later, some people use their health like it's a public transport and this shouldn't be. About 2 month ago I noticed that I was having a red eye, and it was itching me as well, at first I got an eye drop, after using it for few days it got better and then came back again, it did that over and over till I decided to visit an optician some days to Christmas. I ended up paying almost all I had for the treatment, but I feel better now, who knows what would have happened if I decided to spend the money on other things for Christmas.
One better thing is that once health is not treated on time and it starts to ask up real bad, nothing else will feel the same way, even money will have no use by then.

Great that it is fixed now, whatever symptoms we get is a way of Body to tell us that something is wrong, fix it as soon as possible.

@codingdefined, You are right. Health is our wealth. If you are not healthy, even if you have money, you cannot enjoy it. So what is the benefit of it? Very beautiful. Thank you.