Moved All Funds from Bittrex to Binance

in LeoFinance5 months ago

I was getting repeated warnings from the Bittrex that the trading will be stopped from 4th December and only the Withdrawal will be available. I had around 10-15 different currencies in the exchange. But instead of moving them I decided to take this opportunity to convert everything in the Bitcoin and then moved it at once. This way I have got the opportunity to remove some of the currencies which are not performing and thus keep only the Bitcoin in my portfolio as of now.


NOTICE:Effective Monday 4 December 2023, all trading activity on Bittrex Global will be terminated. After 4 December, customers will only be able to withdraw. Please log in and withdraw all assets.

As of now I have moved all my Bitcoin from the Bittrex to Binance. I am also thinking of buying ledger now as a lot of exchanges are closing down. And since now I only have the Bitcoin majorly in my portfolio, I will try to keep it that way and it will constitute 90% of my portfolio value.

I first used the convert feature of Bittrex to convert from some currency to Bitcoin, but then it was not yielding good profits because the trading in Bittrex has reduced and thus the difference between buying and selling is little high. So then I was manually creating the sell and thus converting it. In this way it has given me some 20-30$ profit as against to converting directly.

So if you have the funds in the Bittrex, it is high time to convert it today or tomorrow because the trading is reducing day by day and you will not get the required value of your currency. Otherwise just move your funds from Bittrex to any other exchange rather than waiting for the last day.

Now in the Binance, I will again work on to create the portfolio and buy some coins which will be good for the future.


Yay! 🤗
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Post voted 100% for the hiro.guita project. Keep up the good work.

New manual curation account for Leofinance and Cent

Received an email as well saying I had I guess $5k worth of crypto on Bittrex. Which I don't remember if I ever had some crypto in Bittrex. It looked like a scam.

Might be a scam, but I have kept funds and it was showing that trading will be disabled. Do login directly and see of you have any funds there.