I think when more and more people start getting something from the platform they will stay for longer which is not the case with most of the newbies.

Personally, I think this is due to several reasons, but the two major reasons would be:

#1 - Newbies expects to earn a lot of money. When they experience "the lack of rewards" they give up.
#2 - Content creators doesn't get feedback and comments on their content, so they don't get encouraged and they don't feel welcome.

That's pretty much why newbies are leaving the platform. They have too high expectations and think they will earn a shit ton of money for doing literally nothing. It doesn't work like that. It takes time, dedication, consistency and more time.

Engagement would not only help newbies to establish themselves more, it would also help them to learn how things works, it would give them a superb change to grow their audience and it would give them a chance of being upvoted as well.

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You very well summed the whole scenario and thus we have communities where the newbies can try their niche.

We were all newbies once and with patience we all reached to that point where we know that it's not always the big vote you want but the encouragement is what you desire.

That's why I am a bit skeptical to the ridiculously high rewards new users earn for their introduction posts. It's awesome to reward them, but it also gives them a skewed reality as that isn't the natural way things are.

I would prefer if people made comments and instead of upvoting them towards 100 LEO/100 HIVE etc, I would rather like to see ~20 or something.

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