Splinterlands Season Report

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This season there was no dilemma and I have advanced to Gold 3. And I was getting the Gold chests. To be honest, even though I have moved to the Gold league I have not received good rewards. For rewards only I have moved to the Gold league and since I didn't got good rewards I am just thinking, is it worth for moving to the Gold league.

The only problem I feel playing in the Gold league is that I am not able to compete with big guys where almost everyone has 4 or 5 level card and I am playing with max 2 level card and which reduces my win ratio. And even though I got good number of chests this season as I played a lot of games this season.

This was good season when comes to number of chests. I got around 25 chests. I have kept a target of getting 50 chests in Silver league and 25 chests when in Gold league so I got the targeted number this season. Reward wise it was okieas season.

I am seeing more and more people are getting into SPS delegation, whether getting rented or renting it out. People are buying the SPS delegation to improve the multiplier. For me as of now the SPS delegation is not required but hopefully it the future I will do it. I am getting upto Gold 3 with the SPS I have which is good to be honest.

Now coming to this season, it was
a good season as I have got 25 chests in Gold.


My win ratio is also 1.18 which is good to be honest and better than last season where the win ratio was 1.17. Mainly this season I have played more and thus got more chests on my name.

So I have got around 54 Common and 15 Rare, and 1 Legendary in this whole season, and I have got 3 common gold card and 1 epic gold card. Similarly, I have gotten around 21 Legendary Potions and 45 Alchemy potions this season, and the total SPS received is 120 SPS. And I have also earned around 334 Merits.

Along with that, I am continuously staking the SPS which I am earning as well as getting from the liquidity pools and thus is continuously growing for me. I have set myself a goal of 7.5K SPS and hopefully by year end I will achieve it. I have completed the goal of 6.89K SPS so according to the new SPS staking rule, I can play till Gold 3.

Screenshot_20231117_201436_Hive Keychain.jpg

I have also taken part in Rebellion presale and bought 1 pack but will eventually buy more and more when the general sale starts.

If you want to play Splinterlands then you can join it here.

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