Why people don't support FIRE

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Fire means Financial Independence Retire Early and this is the way you can retire early. But the problem is people still don't support FIRE. I was having some conversation with my relative, they were proudly saying that they want to work for 60 years and advised me to work for the same years or more than that.


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When I tried to convince them that norm is changing that people want to get retire early like 45-50 years or even less than that. They were arguing that if you retire early your health will deteriote and other things.

FIRE does not means you will sit idle for the whole day in your home. It is the way for you do come out of the rat race and work towards your goals or passion. If I retire today I can be a photographer for the rest of my life and do not think about the money at all. Being a photographer is my passion and could not do it now because of the financial constraints. So yes FIRE means retire early but still continue working towards your passion or a goal if you have in your mind.

Now to achieve FIRE either you have yo fragile and invest more as form of savings or you have to have a passive income which is equal to your monthly expenditure. So if you have anything with you, you are in right track to become Financial Independence. In my calculation, I am still laying behind 5 years to be financially independent by 55 years but wanted to be in 45 years that is 13 years from now on.

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