Season 2021-2022 Crypto Betting Results

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Every year there are more and more options to take bets using Crypto and I am trying to make use of it by taking some smaller bets on the side on top of my regular stakes. These are the results of the crypto bets I took and shared in my preview posts last season along with some general remarks...

My general view on betting with crypto still right now is that it offers no real competition to my regular Sports Betting Broker Sportmarket Pro which on average has way better odds and gives a much smoother betting experience especially live. I don't see any crypto bookie that will rival this anytime soon but they are useful similar to traditional 1x2 bookies especially when they already have odds available while the asian market (which is way sharper) still need to publish their lines. There lies the biggest opportunity to make profit from crypto bets along with the fact that they offer a lot of prop bets that aren't as widely available on the Asian bookies.

I still take nearly all my Pre-Game & Live bets with my Betting Broker Sportmarket Pro who always provides the best offers on the market with a 1 click solution and doesn't limit winning players offering high limits. For more info check my Sportmarket Pro Review

Biggest Issue with Crypto Bets

The main problem I personally experience with taking crytpo bets is that it requires different coins which all have their own volatility and each of the platforms have kind of their own ways to handle betting. The 4 main bookies I personally like the most and used are:

Betting Results

It's really hard to calculate the exact result and there also was very little structure in the entire betting as 1 bet that had huge value really stood out in terms of stakes as I was unable to get it early on the Asian books which had no odds available yet. Most of those bets spread between different books did win which is where nearly all of the actual profit comes from. It's also nearly impossible to calculate results on betfury as crypto bets somehow get taken in dollars. I guess they convert them in the background at the rate the coins are traded at and the moment they get paid out it converts it back at the rate they trade at that moment.

Wink was my most used platform since they offer the most prop bets which are nice to taken even though it is also the bookie I actually made an overall loss.

Season 2021-2022 Crypto Bets

Wink.org3217300 TRX-2314 TRX-142$
Sportbet.one11265 EOS+78.2 EOS+181$
Wagerr.com65050 WGR+758 WGR+18$
Total562283$+330$+14.45% ROI
20/03/2022GNT vs AND O 4.5 Cards500 TRX2.070-500
19/03/2022Antwerp & BTS400 TRX2.750-400
19/03/2022Cercle Brugge O 4.5 CK200 TRX1.750-200
19/03/2022Cercle Brugge 1H +0 CK200 TRX2.210+242
19/03/2022Cercle Brugge +0 CK100 TRX2.410+141
19/03/2022Cercle Brugge +1 CK500 TRX1.800+400
14/03/2022AA Gent TT Over 1.525 EOS1.600+15
13/03/2022Cercle 1H -0.5 CK800 TRX1.560+448
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.25100$ ETH1.900+90$
12/02/2022AA Gent +0100$ ETH1.700+70$
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.550$ ETH2.360+68$
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.7550$ TRX2.600+40$
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.25100$ TRX1.950+95$
12/02/2022AA Gent TT O 2.550$ TRX4.600-50$
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.5500 TRX2.210+605
12/02/2022AA Gent -1500 TRX3.410+0
12/02/2022AA Gent TT O 2500 TRX3.330-500
12/02/2022AA Gent TT O 1.51500 TRX2.040-1500
12/02/2022AA Gent -0.510 EOS2.170+11.7
12/02/2022AA Gent 1H -0.540 EOS3.000+80
06/02/2022Genk Win & BTS500 TRX2.320- 500
06/02/2022Mechelen TT O 2.5200 TRX3.250+450
06/02/2022Mechelen TT O 1.5300 TRX1.700+210
06/02/2022Mech vs Bee O 4500 TRX3.950+1475
23/01/2022Standard TT U150 EOS1.950-50
23/01/2022Club Brugge -0.525 EOS1.780-25
22/01/2022OHL Win & BTS400 TRX3.550-400
22/01/2022OHL -0.25300 WGR1.930-300
22/01/2022Kv Kortrijk -0.25300 WGR1.910-150
16/01/2022Standard O3 Cards1000 TRX1.880+0
26/12/2021Zulte-Waregem +025 EOS3.970+74.25
26/12/2021Zulte-Waregem +125 EOS1.890+22.25
27/11/2021Eup vs Kor U 2.51400 WGR2.130-1400
06/11/2021Mechelen 1H CK -0.5500 TRX1.870-500
06/11/2021Kortrijk 1H CK -0.5500 TRX1.870+435
21/10/2021West Ham 1H -0.5 CK1000 TRX1.49+490
17/10/2021Charleroi +0 CK600 TRX2.02-600
16/10/2021Union 1H O 2.5 CK1000 TRX1.510-1000
02/10/2021Kvk vs Cha DRAW250 WGR3.640+660
26/09/2021Uni vs Ant O 3.520 EOS2.490-20
25/09/2021Zulte-Waregem +0.251000 WGR1.860+430
19/09/2021Genk -0.51000 WGR1.870+870
16/09/2021AA Gent 1H O 3.5 CK500 TRX2.170-500
13/09/2021Beerschot 1H CK -0.5500 TRX2.000+500
11/09/2021Antwerp +0800 WGR1.810+648
28/08/2021Charleroi 1H -2.5 Ck100 TRX4.040-100
28/08/2021Charleroi 1H -1.5 Ck300 TRX2.500-300
28/08/2021Charleroi 1H -0.5 Ck600 TRX1.750-600
28/08/2021Cha vs Bee 1H U115 EOS2.002+0.00
14/08/2021Eupen HT -0.5 Ck600 TRX1.850-600
14/08/2021Union FT -1 Ck400 TRX1.800+320
14/08/2021Union 1H -0.5 CK600 TRX1.850+510
13/08/2021Frey To Score40 USDT2.490-40
08/08/2021AA Gent TT Over 1.510 EOS1.840-10
31/07/2021KV Mechelen -0.520 EOS2.140-20
24/07/2021Beerschot +0 Corners500 TRX1.800+0.00
23/07/2021Genk X2 + Over 2.51000 TRX2.500-1000


Right now betting in crypto trying to actually make a profit shopping for the best available odds on different reliable bookies remains quite the hassle because of the crazy volatility that is involved. It however turned out to be profitable mainly because there was some crazy early value in some bets where the much sharper asian bookmakers had no lines available yet. That along with the prop bets is what I plan to continue using going forward hoping things improve to a point where these books can actually compete with my main betting broker SportMarket Pro which right now is just way better and more profitable for everyday use.

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