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One of the great things about Splinterlands is that you can earn a passive income by owning and renting out cards to active players. This week, I finally took some time to automate this process as manually adjusting prices trying to optimize earnings has been a huge time waster. This is an easy Step-By-Step Guide how you can also do this.

Rental Market for Players

The devs always aimed to make rentals something that is widely used in the Splinterlands game and they very much succeeded in that. Right now over 4 Million cards are being rented by players (and bot owners) with a value of 10479$ going out daily to "Card Lords" who put them on the rental market.

The reality is that for a new player the barrier of entry into Splinterlands is exponentially lower without an initial bigger capital requirement when just renting cards compared to trying to buy your own collection to be competitive. It also gives an easy way out for those that do not end up enjoying the game wanting to build their own ward collection over time. With enough knowledge and skill, it should be fairly easy to earn quite a bit more in rewards compared to the rental price you have to pay.

Rental Market for Investors

I'm sure that many passive investors are interested in Blockchain Gaming & the Play2Earn Space without being interested or having the time to actually play the games. Splinterlands card rentals offer I would say a great opportunity for this as you can buy the in-game assets that have utility and value in the game to get solid passive returns for them. Especially when having an automated way to manage the rentals as explained in this post.

Automated Rentals Step-By-Step Guide

There are a couple of options to automate your rentals and the one I'm using right now since a couple of days is splex.gg which has a very user friendly site and is really easy to use in just a couple of steps.

Step 1: Have an (Alternate) Hive Account with Some Hive Powered up for resource credits (25 HP for 100 Cards is recommended). The reason I use one of my alt accounts (@costanza.sports which I use for Sportstalk Curation) is because you need to enter your private posting key on splex.gg as you need to allow them to make transactions on your behalf. Basically, you need to assume there will be a hack and be fine with your posting key being stolen and you having to reset it with your owner key. For my main account I have the rule to keep my Owner Key / Master password always offline, and my Private Posting & Active keys safe inside of the Hive Keychain Chrome Extention.

Step 2: Log into splex.gg with your hive account using Hive Keychain and go to the Discord (Link) sending a message to @GenepoolChlrn8r#9197 asking to get whitelisted which was done for me within minutes.

Step 3: Go to https://splex.gg/accounts and click on settings where you can enter your Private Posting Key while choosing the bot settings. By default, they are set at recommended which works fine for me.

Step 4: Load Your account with Splinterlands cards and it will automatically start putting the cards on the rental market putting them to work. You don't need to own the Spellbook in order to do this in Splinterlands. and you will see real-time updates on the stats on the account page.

Step 5: Pay your invoices. There is currently a 10% cut on your rental income as a cost to use the service which is perfectly reasonable since you will likely earn more with less effort from rentals to begin with. Since Plex.gg has no access to your active key, they are unable to automatically take a cut. So you are asked to manually pay the cost at least once every 7 days.

It is also possible to load pre-pay the DEC or SPS which the fees are taken from so you can set-it-and-forget-it for a while without needing to worry that your invoices are being paid in time. This can be done when pressing the + on the Prepaid Amount and it is a feature I for sure will be using.

What To Expect?

The returns you will get very much depend on the cards that you own as some give really high yields while others give very low yields based on the cost of the card itself and the supply & demand.

The cars I still have put up for rent manually on my main account currently get a +13.85% Yearly Return with only around half of the set value being rented at the moment. The Cards I put into my Alt account to be rented out automatically now have a +15.85% Yearly Return with almost all of them being rented out right now.

You will also get a daily Automated message on Discord with the results along with the price of the invoice.

More Splex.gg Features

Once of the other services that Splex.gg offers is the archmage bot which will play your ranked battles for you based on an AI that creates optimal decks based on the cards you have available. I have not tested that myself and it's a bit more expensive as you need a Archmage Pass for that which currently costs 100$+

It certainly will be an option for me to possibly explore in the future as the time requirement in Splinterlands is quite big.


I you are manually renting out cards and are annoyed by the fact that you have to manage it actively or if you plan to inevst in the game to get a passive return without wanting any time commitment, the splex.gg automated rentals service seems like an excellent solution to do so. I have been using it for 3 days now and am highly impressed and satisfied with the service being more than willing to pay a 10% cut from my earnings which leaves me with both more earnings and time compared to the hassle of doing it manually.

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