Splinterlands | Growing as a New Player Step-By-Step Guide

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With the recent Reward Nerf in Bronze League (See Official Post) as a way to combat bots and players who only aim to leech rewards without the intention to grow in the game, it has become a lot harder for genuine players that aim to grow their account organically. So I made a Step-By-Step Guide on how it still can be done...

This article is mostly written for those who literally want to grow from nothing without being willing to pay more than the 10$ Spellbook. That being said, being willing to spend some money at the start will really speed up the growth process by a lot and when it's done in a smart way, you can potentially even make a profit on those spendings.

Step 1: Understanding The Game Economy Dynamics

Something you often see is many new players complaining about how the game and the changes that are made only favor the whales. This mostly comes from a lack of understanding the game dynamics and thinking in absolute numbers in relative numbers. Up until this point, the most profitable way to play was to create an army of bot accounts paying 10$ per account for the spellbook with the intention to just use the starter set to get a ton of small daily & season rewards.

As a new player, you need to understand and accept that this is an issue that needed to be fixed and that it comes at the cost of the ability to grow organically for genuine new players who actually look to grow their account with limited extra investments. Your potential earnings will be linked to how many in-game assets you hold and there is a very steep growth curve with the majority of the players getting there because they were willing to spend some money.

Step 2: Having The Right Mindset

The good news is that is still very much possible to grow in Splinterlands without the need for an investment for players that have the right mindset. I would say a combination of Patience, Determination, and Brainpower is needed along with an enjoyment to pull it off being able to grow naturally. The latest Splinterlands post hit the nail on its head with this statement

Figuring out the best way to maximize earnings in Splinterlands is a huge part of the fun and challenge of the game - it's not just about the battles. The best players aren't just the ones who can choose the best teams for the given ruleset and mana cap, but they are the ones who can most efficiently use the card market, rental system, SPS airdrop, liquidity pools, etc. to push their in-game earnings to the absolute max while spending less on in-game assets at the same time.

This is exactly what the game has been about for me personally and I highly enjoy figuring everything out trying to make optimal choices in order to continue growing while staying very consistent in my approach. I would say that right now it's nearly impossible to grow in the game without this unless you get ridiculously lucky. Your aim should be to become an expert on everything around the game spending some time daily playing, learning, and engaging in the community not expecting instant returns but slow growth that eventually will snowball. Following some of the smart players seeing what they are saying and doing also can really help.

Step 3: Use The Right Account Creation Affiliate Link

This can already make quite the difference to those that haven't made an account or bought the 10$ Spellbook yet. Signing up with an referral link from a player that offers a win-win deal will give you a head start in the game. For as far as I know, my referral link still is the best one to uses as you will be getting 100 DEC (which alone is more than what I earn from the spellbook purchase) along with at least 10+ Free Rental cards that will both give you more options to win, some collection power to start with and the option to rent more cards with the 100 DEC to get in a higher league. If you have any direct questions you are also free to come and ask me in Discord.

Step 4: Daily Play Time & Reinvesting Rewards

If your goal is short term earnings, you will never get anywhere. Instead, you want to focus on reinvesting everything you earn growing your account in every way possible. If you ever quit the game, you will be able to sell all your in-game assets at that point or if you ever do reach a higher league you can start taking some profit systematically.

Playing a bit daily at least completing the daily quests is a vital part of growth and any chest has the potential to have a valuable card worth up to 350$ which is the most valuable Reward Card you can get right now. In that regard, each chest is somewhat of a small lottery ticket.

Playing some Splinterlands in the morning after I wake up completing the daily quest is part of my daily routine and I just rarely skipped a day these past years. This is the kind of determination and consistency you need to strive for if you want to grow. If possible, also make sure your capture rate never gets up to 100%.

Your first aim should be to get inside Silver League either by collecting cards up to 15000 Collection Power or by renting them. The rewards from Bronze League however are really low so this will be nearly impossible to reach without using some of the alternate ways to earn from the game (See Step 5)

Step 5: Blogging & Community Engagement

This is by far the best and most undiscovered way to organically grow your collection in Splinterlands. It brings in 'outside' funds that you will be able to use in the game to buy/rent cards on the market or soon get Chaos Legion packs. This is literally the way players are still able to grow right now without any requirement of investment and I can recommend it to everyone especially if you enjoy blogging or interacting with other players. I wrote a Full Guide To Blogging for New Players a while ago which should contain all the info you need to get started. Again, if you go into it with the expectation to instantly earn with no effort you will most likely come out empty-handed. If you are willing to be a bit patient and put some effort into it, the results can blow you away.

Step 6: Alt Account and Affiliates

This is a step that comes in later down once you have your initial account at least in Silver League and are more an expert on the game. The same way how multiple bronze-level accounts were the way to go creating a bot farm to get the best returns were most recently optimal, the same thing will likely count toward Silver League accounts in the near future. It will be way more profitable to have 2 accounts with 15k collection power with both of them playing in Silver 3 compared to 1 account that needs 40k collection power playing in Silver 2. Managing 2 accounts also doesn't require that much extra time as they can both be played at the same time. I personally play a 2nd account I use mostly with the golden foil cards I got from rewards which speeds up my overall growth tremendously. That being said, it used to be a lot cheaper and more profitable in the past to do this but it's still an option and maybe even a must for those that really want to continue growing organically over time.

Having multiple active players signed up under your affiliate link also potentially can speed up your organic growth like crazy. This once again is one of those things that will require some determination and brainpower but it certainly can be done if you put your mind to it.


Being able to grow organically building your own collection and getting good earnings from Splinterlands is quite a challenge and it is supposed to be this way in order to keep the economy healthy. It is however still very much possible to pull this off for those that have the right mindset and determination to do it, even if it will be the vast minority. This Step-By-Step Guide should give a good starting point for anyone who wants to pull it off. The reality however is that most players will either end giving up or spending way too much money on the game since it can be quite addictive. I would say, play it smart and responsible. Good Luck!

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Very good and complete article. I can attest that this wonderful person helped me to start, with some good cards delegated to me, and made me enjoy Splinterlands. !PIZZA !LUV

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Nice to hear @mightyrocklee !
I hope you are doing well with the game.

Great article!

Biggest take away from me, other than the awesome affiliate deal...lol

Was the importance of mindset in this game. It's so much more than just picking the right cards, like you stated...It's a little bit of everything!

Indeed, that is (at least for me) the most fun thing about Splinterlands and I see it as a much bigger part compared to the actual card game which itself is mostly dominated by the pay2win factor.

There are also a few that really have the determined mindset which makes it possible for those that do have it to still pull off some nice organic growth.

Good Luck!

Nice and useful article to help new users
The new changes are good for the sustainability of the game and will increase the value to the cards in the long run ;)
Splinterlands ON!

Yes, I actually like them and it's mostly the players that don't really have the right mindset that hate them. Overall it should do the game very good since those that have the determination to make it or are willing to spend won't be stopped to reach higher leagues. Knowing the crypto world, many are willing to spend money and the game can get crazy addictive in that regard for those unable to control themselves.

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