First Time Home Buying Prep

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I hope the title of this post isn’t misleading as in you were thinking I will be sharing prepping tips or giving you the answer to that question.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

Several years ago I would have been embarrassed to make a post about this subject.

My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years and have been renting every since. The way society is setup makes you feel like a failure if you haven’t owned a home by the time you’re in your mid 30’s to 40’s. For the longest I was ashamed to reveal that we were still living in an apartment.

When people would ask about where we live I never actually said the word apartment, I would always refer to it as our home (because a home is wherever you live).

That’s all in the past as I could care less what people think. We’re not trying to keep up with the Joneses and don’t have anything to prove. With being a one income household we knew we had to be smart and ready when it came to buying a house.

We didn’t want to end up in bad financial situations because we rushed into something we really weren’t ready for (both mentally and financially). We wanted to take the time to research and gain the knowledge we needed to make wise educated decisions instead of depending on someone else to tell us what we should know.

I want us to have a thought out plan and know what we’re looking for and why.

Honestly, with having children back to back like we did, renting was the best route for us. We never had to worry about the yard or maintaining the property. I loved that I only had to focus on raising our children and keeping the house clean…all the other cares came with the rental agreement.


Things have changed and we are tired of renting. We’ve ran into multiple issues and problems lately and we’re just fed up. The cost of renting now is so ridonculous, especially when you notice the property value and quality of care going down while the rent prices consistently rise.

You want us to pay what and you still haven’t fixed this or done that and intentionally ignore the other?! 😳😵‍💫

No thanks!

We are done with renting and are currently planning and preparing for homeownership.

The timeframe we are looking at is within the next 18 months. We are ready and it is time for a new chapter in our lives. It’s time to start building equity instead of putting hundreds of dollars into someone else’s pockets.

Our eldest daughter is thirteen. I have always hoped we would buy a home before our kids were grown and gone. This is something I’ve always wanted them to experience with us…a place we can truly call our own.

We have been talking to several homeowners and gathering as much helpful info as we can. It’s one thing to search online and watch videos but when you can actually talk to someone with firsthand knowledge that’s all the more better.

Our evenings have been spent looking into first time buyer programs and grants. We are also hoping some of the cryptos and passive income projects we currently have will be a great asset for our financial needs. Spending less and saving more is our main goal for the next year.

Anyway we can save costs we want to know about it.

I want this to be a joyous experience for us. The more we know and the better prepared we are the more we will enjoy the process. Home buying has been made out to be a scary stressful experience but I think that all depends on how prepared you truly are.

I was very excited to share this news with you. I’m hoping you can share some tips and advice on buying a house. I’ll take the good and bad because we’re going to need to know.

I’ll be back to share how our planning and knowledge building is going.

So Hive Fam, what is one thing you wish you’d known before buying a home?


Thanks a Bunch ~ ❤️🏠


There's nothing wrong with living in an apartment, as long as it's your and your family's home and filled with love. You can be rich and live in a ten bed mansion with a swimming pool, but if the family don't even have time to get together for dinner or even see each other every morning, then what's the point?

We just bought our new house recently, it's not the first one we bought together, but it's going to be our forever home (unless I win the lottery), and luckily we're very happy with it. I mean it's not 100% perfect (is anything?) but we're content, and no point dwelling on things that we think could be better.

One tip I would give is to look beyond the decor of any property you're viewing. If it's really nice either the
owner loves their home (lucky you) or they done a quick patch job to cover up defects for a quick sell. If it looks old and in need of TLC, as long as it's structural sound and safe, sometimes you can find very good deals if you don't mind doing it up yourself. You could potentially save a bit of money and you can put your mark on your new home.

Good luck with your search!!

PREACH Living!! Yes!! That's the point I've come to. As long as we are together with a roof over our heads I have no complaints. We are so blessed to have a place to live.

Congratulations on your new home!! I think I remember you doing a post about that. Wow a forever home, sounds so nice. We would love to purchase land and build our forever home one day. Baby steps though right? 😂

Oh bless you. I am the one that would
get sucked in by the “looks” of it. I know they showcase homes and people that see them fall in love with what’s on the surface. I really want us to be smart and make sure we look at the foundation and as you said structure of it. I wouldn’t mind doing a little fix up if it’s a solid place.

Thank you so much for your sweet words and these wonderful tips. I’m taking note (literally)! 🤗💓

The way society is setup makes you feel like a failure if you haven’t owned a home by the time you’re in your mid 30’s to 40’s. For the longest I was ashamed to reveal that we were still living in an apartment.

It's always intriguing to me how homeownership culture works in different country. Where I am from, it's pretty much emphasized that one should have a house before they're 30 and some go on mortgage with the help of the family/parents. Some of my siblings and relatives have become a homeowner before they get to 30's usually with the help of their parents . So, in my part of the world, around 26, no home, unmarried is something😂 an the culture about buying property is a lot more straightforward here and without a lot of paperworks.The only thing I learned from my relatives when buying property for long term is definitely the neighborhood and safety of the area.

I am so happy for you!

Whoa!! That's very interesting. So from where you're from they would really be disappointed in me 😅. I couldn't even imagine getting a house back then when I was in my twenties. I could barely keep up with my apartment rent 🤣.

Thank you so much for that tip because that is such an important factor. My mother-in-law has this app that tells you about the crime rates etc. for any neighborhood. We need to definitely be aware about the area we’re moving into. 🤗👌🏽

This is some great news ma'am, there's this joy that comes from owning your home, my parent owned one but I am not an apartment owner yet, I am just happy for you.

Thank you so much! Yes, both of our parents own their own home too. It's definitely something we've been wanting to do and now is the time to get it done 😆❤️.

Oye felicidades que tengas éxito con tu proyecto de nueva vivienda.

Thank you. We're hoping to find the right place for our family ~

Claro que si todo lo que se proponga lo va lograr..

Ciao beautiful @crosheille ! Not being at all aware of what context you'll be buying in, I might not be the best person to comment! My sense of buying my own home was an impossible dream in my own country, so I set a manifestation prayer and followed the signs... And a year later became owner of a magical Arthouse in Italy.

What I wish I'd known beforehand, is not much; just my neighbour having been very aggressively intrusive in past years (I've been here since early 2011), and the issues around paperwork. I did a lot of research into legalities and legal language, the 'strawman' and the actual meaning of 'mortgage', etc: registering the house is something I would try to work my way around when I acquire the next place I live: I'd likely probably prefer to build than buy - but this is a choice around stepping out from under government, and being freed into Natural Law.

Ultimately, selling my house now, I will be much more empowered in choosing a more Right situation to live in: I was pretty desperate back in 2011, and grabbed the first one which appeared! In the long-term, I'd prefer to be out in wild nature, and able to create off-grid solutions more easily.

As I said: probably not what you might want to know! I wish you all power and blessings, in finding the perfect place! Lots of love to you and your family!!

That’s kind of what we felt like for years. Not necessarily that it was impossible to buy a home but we felt it was far out of reach. I’ve written out a prayer for our home and for the entire buying process.

This was very helpful. My research consist of all the legalities and terms atm so looks like I’m on the same path as you were.

Your current goals are our future goals. Part of the reason we haven’t purchased a home is because we wanted to buy land and build our own. We thought we would be able to do this with cryptos but we had to dig into that to help us out of financial setbacks 😞. So here we are, wanting to buy our first home with hopes it will be a step closer to owning our own land and building off grid as you mentioned. We’re taking baby steps but I believe our ultimate dream of building will happen for us one day.

I’m hoping the sell of your home will be the start to the life you are hoping for.

Thanks so much for sending those positive thoughts and encouraging words this way. It’s much needed ~ 🤗😘

O how wonderful to hear this dear friend @crosheille !! I am glad that I took the urge to respond, then! :-D Yey, things change slowly in our lives, in relation to the big things like true security and the Natural Law of our returning to land and sovereignty... We can do this!! I look forward to hearing more about your big adventure! xx

Interest rates are brutal right now with the prices still high on homes. Its a tough market to try and get into. Before getting into a home be sure to check for radon, flood zones, crime rates of the area and don't be afraid to go for a fixer upper if the problems are just aesthetic like paint and flooring.

I know. How we wish we were prepared and ready to buy a home a few years ago. Hopefully within a couple of years we’ll be able to find something good for us.

I appreciate these valuable tips. We would definitely be open to doing a fixer upper if it’s possible.

I'm in the same boat looking for a house but all the supply is really bad left over houses right now, and they are trying to sell these crappy houses for premium prices lol. One trick I found is to look in high tax areas as that seems to reduce the house prices a bit, and if you can calculate the mortgage interest writeoffs it might be cheaper than getting a super expensive house in a low tax area.

Lol, they can keep the crappy ones 😅!

Hey hey now I love tricks haha. I will be noting that. ✔️

Thanks ~

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Spending less and saving more is our main goal for the next year

And this is the best way to go considering your huge project at hand in the next 18 months

The cost of renting an apartment kept skyrocketing and it will be a great achievement when you and your family finally secure a house called your own, however renting an apartment is cool until you are able to secure yours

My husband and I bought a land 7 years ago but we were able to build on it two years ago and we now live in our own house. I tell you that the joy has been unimaginable especially with the bills flying up and down, at least we don't have to worry about rent again.

I may not be the right person to advise on things to look out for before buying a home as I have limited knowledge on building but I think getting information from house owners is cool

Congratulations in Addy 😇🎉

Oh my goodness. Please forgive me. I remember reading your comment and I thought I'd already responded. 😯

That is so amazing what you and your husband were able to do. That is our dream to be able to buy land and build on it. I don’t know how far that is in our future but I sure pray it comes to pass 😊.

Thank you. I figured the best advice will come from those who have experienced it ~

Awwwwww 🥰🥰
Better late than never

Thanks for responding, do have a blessed week ma'am 🤗🫂