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Hello, Leofinance community! We would like to say Hi from the development team of @cryptex24 exchange!

Week ago we asked on our team Twitter is anyone interested to list their tribe token on our exchange, and later we had a conversation with @trumpman that it would be cool to get LEO token there! We had a nice conversation, where we sorted out the listing details and further cooperations!


We started the work on the listing but we never heard about the whole community interest about it, so we decided to leave a note here to see what are the community members thinking about this kind of cooperation?

Trading pairs planned to be listed

LEO \ UAHG - which is Ukrainian local currency
LEO \ C24 - internal exchange token

Thanks for your feedback in advance!

some info regarding the exchange could be found in our posts here on Hive. We thought putting any links is not nice in the greetings post)


Awesome sauce, putting links in the post would of been fine as it gives the reading additional information that is readily available.

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Please take a look at the FAQ page, guess it's well made and you'll get the answers you looking for)

Hi there, this looks cool. I have a few questions, if you don’t mind :)

How does settlement work? - are you accepting LEO dep/withdrawals and trading on an internal order book?

Do you have a page/post anywhere with info about how the HE token process works on your exchange? Would love to learn more about how the exchange works.

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hi, @khaleelkazi! Sure shoot any questions)
We will accept deposits and withdrawals directly to hive-engine
This kind of work already implemented with our main upcoming game - @cryptobrewmaster token CBM and a BEER community token - BEER
here the actual deposit screen -

So literally you send tokens to the cryptex24 account with a specific memo and it appears at your account @ the exchange!

All the basic things are well written here

Maybe on the listing date we will announce something like an airdrop for all the community members who are registered, what do you think?

Я за. Двумя руками!!!

ТЫ холдер подпольный?))

Что такое холдер, сомневаюсь что то, что я нашел :)



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I think this is a great idea.

Awesome! I'll register on your exchange tomorrow and provide some liquidity when the pairs are available. I wonder... Are there any plans to get listed on coingecko and cmc? That would help hive engine tokens and ofc hive explode!

Hey there!
We spoke with coingecko representatives at SF4 and after, currently we are developing the API's in accordance with their requirements! Same with CMC!

Awesome! Is there an eta perhaps? :D

We will know more next week)

Ha ... interesting :)
Nice work!

Great news!
Looking forward to make an account on your website!!

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Cheers, welcome, and keep informed for more news)

Great stride here for LEO token. Will checkout your website.

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Try it!

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